Youtube’s New Update to Control Your Data Consumption

YouTube introduces two new modes to adjust your data consumption by default and thus avoid the expenses of watching videos on the internet.

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We don’t want to see things like video buffering and excess data consumption while watching Youtube videos. Sometimes when we watch a couple of videos on youtube, the data flies like a superfast bullet train.

Keeping these users in mind, youtube has updated its mobile application to introduce data optimization with new playback modes that adapt user experience and complement the current automatic mode.

The latest update for YouTube iOS and Android has added two new modes that allow the user to manage data consumption concerning the quality they want a specific video to play.

The application shows the “Automatic” mode within the video image quality settings, which offers the best resolution depending on the connectivity conditions it detects. But also a mode that offers higher quality at the cost of greater data consumption and another reduces the quality to spend fewer data.

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To activate the new YouTube modes, we must access the application and select any video. Once the video is playing, we must click on the option with the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Once there, we must select the “quality” option. Within quality, a drop-down will open with four options: Automatic (the default option provided by YouTube), Higher image quality (which will reproduce the video at the highest available resolution, but will spend a lot more data), the data saving option (to show the videos in low quality by default when data hook us) and an advanced option that allows us to select the default quality we want for videos.

Therefore, if we want YouTube to be respectful of our data by default, we must select the “data saving” option by default or select the “advanced” option and the quality of 144p or 240p for the videos.

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