These 10 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

Do you know some handy websites on which you will invest your time for hours? So here are the top interesting websites to learn new things every day.

1. Digital Photography School (Photography Skill)

Digital Photography School website homepage

You can find articles that will boost your photography skills, even if you are a newbie on this page. It has an active forum where you can meet other photographers and connect with them.

2. Duolingo (Learn Another Language)

Duolingo website homepage

Improve your language skills with this addictive game. It’s like taking a language course at university without paying. You can also try the BBC Languages site.

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3. Factsie (Find or Verify Facts)

Factsie website homepage

As the name is given, Factsie is the one-stop place to find and verify amazing facts. Another such page is Today I found out.

4. Freerice (Learn New Words Daily)

Freerice webiste homepage

Expand your vocabulary as you help feed the world. It is a great way to learn something that you will use for the rest of your life and at the same time donate rice to people in need.

5. Gibbon (Learn By Videos)

It is a kind of playlist to learn. Users collect videos and articles that can teach you from programming to storytelling.

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6. Instructables (Short How-Tos)

Instructables website homepage

These simple how-to videos will help you build even a tennis ball bazooka. You can upload your own creations and share your knowledge with the rest of the world. Another option is eHow, a portal where you can learn to cook, decorate, make a budget, manage an office, among other things.

7. Investopedia (Improve Finance Skill)

Investopedia website homepage

Know everything there is to know about the world of investments, markets, and personal finance.

8. Khan Academy (Learn Anything)

Khan Academy website homepage

Its incredible videos will teach you various topics thanks to an excellent statistics system to practice. It is a great way to deepen your knowledge. Other good sites in this style are UdacityCourseraAcademicEarthMemrise, and edX. One of the best websites I have visited.

9. Lifehacker (Useful Tips & Tricks)

Lifehacker website homepage

This incredibly useful site, you can find tips, tricks, downloads, and shortcuts to living more efficiently.

10. Lumosity (Games For Brains)

Lumosity website homepage

Train your brain with these hilarious and scientifically designed games. You can create a personalized training program to improve your memory and concentration.

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