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The Best Large File Sharing Websites That Don’t Require Registration or Downloading

Much of our life on the Internet is based on sharing files, whether for professional purposes or for leisure and entertainment. However, many times we have to deal with registration on certain websites, download limits, and other obstacles that make file sharing a bit more complicated than it should be.

In this article, we have compiled a good handful of websites where we can upload and download files without the tedious need to register on any website or download any application for it. And there is life beyond Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive!


If you want to share files completely free of charge and without the need to register, few will find as simple and efficient as Wormhole. You only need your browser, copy a link and not exceed 10 GB.

Wormhole is very easy to use, you just have to drag the file you want to send to the app window and share the URL with the person who will receive the file. It also has an app for Windows in case it convinces you more

The link can be shared even before the uploading and encryption of the files is complete, and a preview of the files can also be viewed during the process. If the files are 5GB or less, the files will be uploaded to Wormhole’s own servers for later download.


With Blaze, we can share documents in an extremely straightforward manner, without the need to enroll, and through an outwardly alluring website. It is done extraordinarily, and that is that its technique for sharing records depends on P2P, utilizing WebTorrent and WebRTC conventions.

The activity is simple. We will just need to embed a nickname, something that ought not be mistaken for the enlistment on the web since it is just brief, and the name of our room where we will share our files. Once that is done, users should go into the room with the connection that we share.

Any individual who interfaces with the room through the connection will actually want to download or transfer records in it. The room is naturally erased when clients leave it.


ToffeeShare is a decent choice to send records totally for nothing, with no size limit, and without the need to enroll on the web. We simply need to choose the documents we need to send and share the connection to the people who need to download it.

As clarified in ToffeeShare, they resort to start to finish encryption with DTLS v1.2 encryption. It works with a connection and additionally a QR code that the beneficiary should have and this is substantial while the program window is open, so it isn’t the most agreeable framework, however basically it doesn’t need Registration or Downloading.


Smash stands apart for its effortlessness since we will just have a button to choose on your site and begin transferring the documents. There is no size cutoff, and we can likewise do it without enrolling.

The records will be erased following 14 days, and in its free arrangement, we can just send documents to one individual for each transfer. On the site, they indicate that if the transfer surpasses 2 GB, they might need to line us. Your installment plans start from five euros per month with your ‘Pro’ plan.


Another choice worth focusing on is TransferKit. This site additionally permits document sharing without the requirement for enlistment. As it says on its site, we can choose any sort of document with a constraint of up to 32 GB for every transfer.

In the wake of transferring, a connection will be created that we can impart to different clients. The site has no extra plans, and it is totally free.

The records are put away in decentralized frameworks dependent on the cloud, having the option to get to them at whatever point we need. This is likewise a negative point since these documents will forever stay on the organization.


An exemplary in the expert world. With WeTransfer, notwithstanding the notable capacity to send records and envelopes by email, you likewise have a capacity to share documents by means of connection and without the need to enlist.

Whenever we have made the connection, it will lapse seven days, something great to know. Be that as it may, the primary ‘yet’ is its download limit in its free form. Furthermore, we can just send up to 2 GB of records. Assuming we pursue its ‘Ace’ rendition, we can share up to 200 GB of records for 12 euros each month.


One more option for simple record sharing without enlistment is JustBeamIt. On this site, we simply need to choose the records we need to send and later that a connection will be created to share it.

Assuming that the connection has not been utilized following 10 minutes, it will be eliminated to ensure our security and obscurity. The drawback of this assistance is its breaking point, which is 2 GB.

One more assistance is free and can be utilized without the need to check is Working likewise to the others referenced, here we simply need to choose the records and offer the connection that is produced.

The primary ‘disadvantage’ of this help is its cutoff. Also, it is that with the free arrangement we can just transfer up to 100 MB of records, going to the ‘Fundamental plan to build that breaking point by 10 GB, something that adds up to $ 25 every month. Particularly helpful for little records. Likewise, these are taken out later the first download on your free arrangement.

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