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SEO on Amazon: Rank Higher On Amazon & Grab Top Position

When you offer your products through online sales platforms or marketplaces, it is essential that you carry out a series of actions and optimizations so that they have greater visibility. In Positioning Web Systems, we explain what SEO is on Amazon, how to apply it, and more. Make the most of this information to rank your products in this store.

What is SEO on Amazon?

Amazon SEO

SEO on Amazon is a set of techniques that grows the visibility of your products listing organically. This is similar to the methods used to rank a website in search engines such as Google. But in this case, you should try to differentiate yourself from the rest of the products on the market.

SEO is just as crucial on Amazon as it is on search engines. Despite this, you should be clear that algorithms work very differently.

Google and Bing are dedicated to organizing web pages in their index, while Amazon sells different products. It means that the SEO positioning criteria of the marketplace are related to searches with commercial intent.

The Amazon algorithm is based on the A9. It focuses on showing users or customers the products that offer them the best benefits, in which they might be interested. It considers aspects such as the user’s purchase history, customer traffic, and the queries that users make.

Other relevant aspects for product ranking on Amazon are price and quality. Also, the profits that it generates to the same online sales platform.

If you want your product to stand out from the rest, you must understand how the algorithm works and create strategies that adapt to it.

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Why is Amazon SEO important?

Why is Amazon SEO important

Amazon is, undoubtedly, the leader among online sales platforms. It has great popularity in India and grows every year as a leader in the sector. In addition, both major brands and very small sellers have the opportunity to offer their products through this marketplace.

On the other hand, it is essential to mention that when a user seeks to acquire a product, he performs the first searches through Amazon before in the traditional way. That is, it uses engines like Google or Bing.

It is not only a reason to consider Amazon as a channel to sell your brand’s products online. But also an indication that to increase your conversions and benefits, it is crucial that your products appear among the first options and recommendations that the platform shows the client.

Being a leader in the online shopping marketplace, Amazon offers its top sellers many benefits and incentives. Recently, Amazon announced a health insurance scheme for all sellers due to this pandemic effect. So becoming Amazon’s top seller opens the doors of unlimited opportunity.

To achieve this, you must offer a product with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, be responsible, but also design and implement an SEO positioning strategy on Amazon.

Factors to rank yourself on Amazon

Factors to rank yourself on Amazon

Before designing a strategy to optimize SEO on Amazon, you should know the algorithm’s factors to position your products in the list. Some of them are:

Number of sales made

It is one of the factors to which the algorithm gives greater relevance.

While more sales to get your product, the better positioned you will be on the search results pages of Amazon. In addition, it will begin to return results for a significant number of keywords.


When you upload a product on Amazon, you must specify the category to which it belongs. If this is not indicated, it is possible that the product’s visibility is not good or progressively decreases since it will not be shown to users who might be interested.


This term encompasses all elements related to sales, order fulfilment, and product deliveries. In this sense, the products sold directly by Amazon and that are part of its Prime program will rank much better than those offered by a third party using Amazon logistics and storage.

Brands or companies that have a Prime account rank better than those that don’t. It is a factor that the algorithm gives much relevance too.

Use of Keywords

It is essential that when you make the file for each product, you use the appropriate keywords. You must enter them in the previous description and the more detailed one. As well as place the keyword in the ATL code of the images you want to rank.

Avera;;ge product score

The price-quality ratio plays a vital role in positioning. Offer good quality products at the best price and invite your customers to rate them.

The better you score, the more visible you will be within Amazon’s search results pages.

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How do I optimize an Amazon listing?

Due to the great competition on the platform, you must first know how to sell products on Amazon and then make them stand out from the competition.

Here are some Amazon SEO practices and tips that will help you improve visibility within the platform.

Run a keyword search

If you have doubts about how to gain visibility on Amazon or the first actions you should take to improve it. The answer is by optimizing your product sheets. But first, you must do a keyword search.

For Amazon, the interpretation of keywords is made differently than for search engines like Google. Since when users access the platform, they are already advanced in the decisive phases of the purchase.

When choosing the keywords, you are going to use, make sure they meet the following requirements:

• It must be clear: The clearer and more concise the keywords you use to describe and define the product, the better.

• They relate to the searches made by customers: You must analyze how the searches made by customers are structured to reach a specific product. For example, Type of garment + brand + gender, colour, or other characteristics. It will give you a guide to what your keywords should look like.

• Good presence in statistics: Select the most repeated keywords in searches in the Amazon web box. You can use the Amazon Keyword Tool, Keyword Tool for Amazon, Amazon Autosuggest, or other applications to identify them.

Optimize the product sheet

One of the best and easiest ways to have visibility on Amazon is by optimizing the product file.

• Title: One of the essential elements of a product on Amazon is the title. It must be very detailed and indicate the most relevant characteristics of the product. For example, brand, size, colour, and others. Remember, It must be detailed but short and clear.

• Description: The description must be detailed and contain at least 1000 characters. We recommend using the bullet point tool to structure the content better and make it much easier to read. Ideally, you should create approximately five bullet points. Also, you can hire a copywriter if you are financially strong. Just search “amazon SEO copywriting”, and you will get the desired results.

• Fill all the fields: Avoid leaving empty fields, especially if they are related to product information.

• Images: Although they are not a factor that directly affects the ranking, having good photographs of the product increases the purchase probability. Ensure you put in a reasonable quantity and that these are in good resolution (1,000 × 1,000 pixels).

Get good reviews

One of the things most valued by Amazon is reviews, opinions, and customer comments.

Invite your customers to rate your products and leave comments regarding the quality and their shopping experience. To do this, encourage them by raffling something or offering you a discount percentage on your next purchase in exchange for leaving your opinion and evaluating the product.

The better your grades and good comments, the more visibility you will have. Furthermore, this will also attract more interested users. Ideally, the product should have a score of at least four stars.

To obtain good evaluations, you must not only offer good service and quality products. But it is also important that you follow up on the complaints and criticisms of your customers.

Create an account on Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon fulfilment (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon. It is responsible for managing all activities and processes related to logistics, including warehouse, order preparation, shipping, and customer service.

Since hiring this service implies more benefits for Amazon and a lower profit margin for the brand, in return, it provides greater visibility to your products.

There are different Amazon Fulfillment plans. If you consider it necessary, hire the one that suits you best.

You can also search “amazon SEO services” to get help from experts. But you will have to take care of your account because it may be expensive in your initial journey.

Amazon SEO tools increase SEO on Amazon

Amazon SEO tools

SISTRIX Amazon keyword tool

Germany-based agency SISTRIX was one of the first to recognize Amazon’s value for keyword research in e-commerce and began establishing its own Amazon keywords database at an early stage. This was the basis for the launch of its Amazon keyword tool, published in January 2016, which can be accessed from the browser without registering or logging in. The web application provides you with the most suitable keyword combinations for a search term and presents valuable information about search volume, the average price of similar products and reviews.


• Extensive database of keywords

• Free use (with a limit of 25 searches per day)


• It is necessary to have an account to be able to export the data obtained


The software of the Berlin company Sellics offers us Sonar, which includes a keyword tool for Amazon that is also available separately. To this end, the free web application accesses a database of more than 32 million Amazon search queries on some 65 million products (as of November 2017), regularly compiled and expanded by Sellics with its algorithms.


• Allows reverse searches

• Allows you to export the results in CSV file


• Doesn’t show exact search volume for terms.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is one of the first SEO tools designed specifically for optimizing Amazon rankings. To achieve this purpose, the web application contains numerous features that help you improve your conversion rate and keyword settings and your interaction with the user.

For example, AMZ Tracker offers tips on optimizing product pages by showing you the components (title, bullets, product image, etc.) that need to be optimized. Thanks to keyword tracking, you also have available the classification of your products and your competitors’ rankings at a glance.

Notification messages that inform you of negative user reviews allow you to react as soon as possible. You can also find new keywords for your product pages with the keyword search tool and the Deep words app.


• Targeted search for longtail keywords

• Automatic notifications of negative user reviews


• Not suitable for smaller Amazon keyword searches

Helium 10

Helium 10 enables fast and efficient product research, keyword search and detection, analysis and planned execution of decision making, and much more. It is a really complete suite, very useful when discovering niches. Undoubtedly, this is one of the tools to sell on Amazon that allows comprehensive management of all the processes that make up the platform. It has a free plan, as well as “platinum”, “diamond” or “star” versions.


One of the tools to sell on Amazon that we want to mention is It helps brands generate and track keywords ranking that promote better search results, track sales made, and notify product reviews -both negative and positive. Also, it manages and alerts to possible hijacking lists, page, URL analyzers, and monitoring of all kinds of actions.

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