BattleGround Mobile India (PubG) -

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India ( early access ) is Finally here. Know All In One Click

Update – To download Battleground Mobile India, Visit this link. (First Method)

Second Method – Visit Battleground Mobile India’s official website
• Click on the Early Access news,
• Here you will see “access this link” click on it.
• Click on become a tester, hurray! you have the link to download your game.

UpdateBattlegrounds Mobile India is Finally here. Pre-Register now start click here.

Update – Pre-registration of the Pubg game will begin on May 18 on the Google Play Store. The company said that users will be able to claim specific rewards. These rewards will be for Indian players only. For pre-registration, users will have to click on the ‘Pre-Register’ button on the Google Play Store. Rewards will be automatically available for the claim at the time of game launch.

Let me express my feeling first; Ooooooo Mmmmm Gggggggg… New PUBG is coming back to India. It’s great news for all gamers in India. And I think most of the YouTubers earn a lot due to PUBG as they go live while playing it. And trust me! They make a lot of money. Now coming to the topic,

BattleGround Mobile India (PubG) -

PubG Mobile is about to return to India after about 8 months. PUBG Mobile is coming back to India with a new name, i.e., Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game will be launched by South Korean company Krafton.

KRAFTON, the developer of the PUBG game, has officially announced the release of its exclusive version in India. Although the company has not given any information about the launch date, Krafton said in a press release that BottleGrounds Mobile India will be launched in India soon.

In India, the name of PubG Mobile India’s YouTube, Facebook, and all social media pages has also been changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile is getting a new name in India and some new rules that will also apply.

You can watch the Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser by clicking here.

What’s New About Battleground Mobile India (New PUBG)

  • The new Battle Royal game is already equipped with premium features. It will get an AAA multiplier gaming experience with new outfits and features such as exclusive in-game events.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India will debut with its own EcoSport system, which will also include tournaments and leagues.
  • The company made a plan to keep Indian data at the local level and create a team of 100 people in India.
  • It replaced all its social media handles with Battleground Mobile India, and now it has a new official website. You can visit the official site by clicking here.

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Rules of Battlegrounds Mobile India

The company has clearly stated that people under 18 will not be able to play the game, and if they want to play, they will have to share their parents’ mobile number with the company. This is the most significant change the company has made on the return of its new version. The biggest reason behind this decision is that due to the ban of PubG Mobile last year, it was first criticized for violent games.

Apart from this, under the new privacy policy, children under 18 years of age will also have control of their parents. Parents will also have the right to decide whether to allow their child to play the game or not.

“Data privacy and data security as its first priority, and we are committed to it,” stated Krafton. The company is also working with several other companies for data security. The company has said that the complete data of the players of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will be stored at the Indian data center itself and according to India’s rules.

BattleGround Mobile India (PubG) -

Pre-registration & Launch Date (New PUBG)

KRAFTON has stated in the press release that Battlegrounds will be available for pre-registration first, and then the game will be launched in India. The company has not revealed any information about dates.

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE will be accessible only in India. In other words, it is an exclusive edition of the game made only for India. Therefore, only Indians will be able to play this game version.

Banned Apps in India

In September last year, PBG was banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, including hundreds of Chinese apps. None of these applications are available in India; That is, the ban on these applications is intact. Of all the banned apps in the country, only PUBG Mobile is trying to make a comeback.

The game developers are constantly in touch with the Indian government and are trying to get the game back. Meanwhile, there have been several meetings with Krafton and the Indian government on the game’s return.

That’s it for now. We will keep you updated about this great news.

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