Pros & Cons of NordVPN

Pros and Cons of NordVPN: A Detailed Analysis Of It (2024)

Short Pros and Cons of NordVPN –


  • It has Servers in 60 countries
  • Very high browsing speed
  • Unblock Netflix full
  • Simple to install
  • AES-256 bit military encryption
  • Higher security and privacy


  • Most servers are in Europe
  • Price month to month a little expensive

Pros & Cons of NordVPN

NordVPN is surely the most popular VPN on the market because it provides a high level of encryption and strong data protection policies.

It is one of the most used by virtual private network clients due to its features.

This article will give detailed information about NordVPN, its benefits of use, and some knowledge of interest that can be used to contract its services.

The NordVPN software has many advantages within the range of VPN available on the market.

Among those that we can cite, we have to have first-class privacy and security policy, and this is because NordVPN is based in Panama. There are no data retention laws in this country, and there is no internet surveillance in that government.

It means that, legally, NordVPN does not need to retain its user’s information or show it to anyone.

Another great advantage of NordVPN is that it has a double server, which means that it gives a higher level of protection. When the information comes out on each server, it is encrypted, and due to an additional server, your data becomes dually encrypted.

Among the cons, we have that NordVPN does not support information in all torrents (P2P). In some countries, the connection speed is very slow. NordVPN isn’t the cheapest VPN on the market, which is matched by its excellent quality.

Among other features we can mention are that it does not have a customer service telephone number. The quality/price ratio of your 3-year plan is really excellent. It has servers in 62 countries and supports almost any platform.

Why Choose NordVPN?

Its 2-year plan for an amount of $ 3.30 per month adds the great benefits of privacy, security, and speed make it an excellent option when deciding on this type of protection software. In addition, their servers are really fast for what is expected of a VPN.

All those who are very worried about the security aspect and those who want a stable and fast connection speed for viewing online content are the ones who use NordVPN the most.

Pros And Cons Of NordVPN


  • Accept different payment methods, such as Credit Cards, Paypal, and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Very simple interface
  • Updated support for Netflix.
  • Dual servers offer double protection.
  • Excellent privacy and security policy.
  • Fast connection speed.
  • Connects up to 6 devices.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support


  • Most servers are in Europe
  • P2P is only available for some servers
  • Open VPN configuration is not friendly

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NordVPN Analysis And Features

Easy to use

Due to its delicate graphic design and intuitive interface, NordVPN is one of the easiest-to-use VPNs available. It is straightforward to use, and the use of its platform is quite simple. It does not require a higher level of complication. The only thing that could represent a problem is the OpenVPN configuration.

The FAQs page is complete and serves to clarify any questions you may have regarding the handling of NordVPN. They also have a blog with additional pages, notes, and information on the VPN industry.


It can easily protect up to 6 devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, and routers.

Types of Contract

Among the types of contracts that NordVPN offers are those that are given to companies and individuals.

We found that there are different plans for individual contracts, all depending on how long the user wants to purchase NordVPN services. There are the plans that last two years, one year, and the monthly plan. The 2-year plan is the one that offers the greatest discount option.

To purchase a business plan, you need to contact NordVPN’s business department using a form. This form will ask you for data such as the number of VPN accounts to request, company email, name, telephone number, and the main reason for using the service.

Available services

Among the services offered by NordVPN, there is a connection of up to 6 devices per account. It also guarantees 99.9% usage time. It has a money-back policy which adds value to its feature.

In addition, NordVPN offers privacy and security when browsing the internet, preventing hackers from accessing the personal information of its users. It also provides a fixed IP service, which is ideal for some users.

Support Quality

Despite not having a telephone number to make any consultation, the user help service is excellent. Their response times are speedy, the direct live chat responds in an effective and timely manner. In addition, to the monitoring system of each response, they make online support for the user. We think it is a pleasant way to resolve any situation that may arise with NordVPN.

What Servers Does NordVPN Offer?

NordVPN offers more than 5,300 servers worldwide, with a different number of locations in each country present.

For example, in the United States, the number of server locations is in 20 states. In Canada, there are 398 servers, and they are located in 3 locations.

Our Opinion About NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN service software among users for its technical characteristics. Its excellent data protection policy, security, speed of servers, and stability are qualities highly valued by all those who want a VPN service.

Among its advantages, there is double encryption on two servers at the time of use, which gives it a solid performance when safeguarding user data and protecting it against hackers.

You can use this software on up to 6 devices simultaneously, and each of them can have different operating systems, which gives you greater flexibility when using it. You will fall in love with its friendly user interface.

Something that can be a disadvantage of NordVPN is that most of its servers are in Europe, so users who are no longer there can mean an inconvenience. It is also not available for all torrents (P2P) when downloading with this type of software.

NordVPN has a free option that is acceptable as it is a free service. It has one of the best quality/price ratios in the payment part, especially its 2-year plan.


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