6 Phones With the Best Camera Mobile of 2021 You will Love Most

You are looking for new mobile, and you are one of those who loves to take professional photos. Smartphones have better cameras every time, and you have the example of the best camera mobile in this list.

Mobile Camera

A good camera is one of the most demanded features by users when buying a mobile. It is the age of Instagram, where we can all be professional photographers (or look like it) thanks to filters, but if we have a good camera in our hands, it will be easier.

Do you know which are the mobiles with the best cameras? We will give you a list of smartphones with which you will take the most professional photos. But first, you must learn some basics about the latest generation cameras for smartphones. After choosing a smartphone to take thousands of pictures, it is best to complement it with a Micro SD for mobile phones to solve the storage problem.

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Types of camera lenses

  • Dual camera

The dual camera concept does not mean that the device takes two photos but uses two lenses to obtain a single, more perfected capture. Dual-lens cameras in new smartphones take pictures in two steps. These are two lenses or spotlights, each with a different sensor that will capture the photograph differently. Thus more information is collected from the image to be photographed. For example, one of the lenses captures in black and white and the other in color, or one takes the background with a more excellent definition, and the other takes it from the foreground. Then the software mixes the two captures to get a better photograph, high definition, contrast, and range of colors.

  • Bokeh effect

Perhaps you have heard of the Bokeh effect that is so fashionable now due to the dual cameras of the new smartphones. Thanks to the two lenses, this effect can be obtained, which is nothing more than securing close-up or portrait images with the background out of focus to give an effect of depth.

  • Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle

Photographic technology is advancing at a tremendous rate for smartphones. We no longer only talk about Wide Angle, but also about Ultra Wide Angle. The first made up the smartphone’s primary camera with the highest number of megapixels and a better definition. It is ideal for general captures: groups of people, landscapes.

The Ultra Wide Angle goes one step further and captures images of landscapes with greater amplitude.

  • Telephoto

Depending on what we will use our mobile for, we must focus more on some objectives or lenses than others. For example, if we are mainly going to take portraits or capture close-up images, we must have a good Telephoto lens. With an aperture higher than f / 2, it would be perfect. But in this case, we could also note that it is a dual camera with a 3D effect and depth. If we want to capture even more precise images of objects or tiny things and capture minute details, we need a macro lens.

  • 3D effect

It is increasingly common to see the 3D effect in the lenses of smartphones. Thanks to the double lens, an object can be detected by shape and size and projected with augmented reality technology. Also, using Artificial Intelligence, the camera can give relevance to a closer or further object, as appropriate.

  • OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)

This feature is not in the lens but in the camera itself. High-end mobiles incorporate it, and it is an important attribute to achieve good photographs and better videos. It is a stabilizer that reduces the movements of the mobile when recording or taking a photo. It is a kind of steady-cam for mobiles.

Types of zoom of mobile cameras

This time we have to differentiate between 3 different ways of zooming with a smartphone camera. If you thought it was the same, you are very wrong because the definition and quality of the image will have a lot to do with it.

Optical zoom: This zoom is the one that achieves the best image quality. On the contrary, it does not allow you to zoom in too closely. This zoom does not lose quality in the image. At the moment, only some smartphones have it. This is achieved differently from the simple zoom that we can do with our fingers or a bar on the camera; in this case, it is the combination of different lenses that achieves this approach.

Hybrid zoom: It is a work achieved based on the combination of different captures made by the lenses, making up the best definition.

Digital zoom: This is the most standard zoom achieved with the fingers or with a bar, which can be very high. The problem is that the lens suffers a loss of image information and a loss of quality. It is like zooming in on a distant detail. It will continue to be blurred as in the main photo unless it is of high quality.

Phones with a better camera

Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro Mobile camera

Huawei has done it again; it has created a new smartphone with the best camera on the market. If previously the podium was taken by his P30, it is the P40 Pro who holds the much-desired title. This mobile takes photos with its primary camera with a quality of 50 MP thanks to its quadruple Leica camera, ready for the best night photos. The front camera takes selfies with 32 MP. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence implemented in their cameras. They achieve almost total perfection in their lenses. All this coupled with the patented Huawei Time-of-time (TOF) system. In case there was any doubt if they ask you which is the best mobile to take photos, the answer is Huawei.

If it falls into the right hands, it can capture excellent quality pictures, and you can use its wonder. But leaving aside its spectacular camera, it also includes other technologies, such as the new 5G or WiFi 6, so that coverage and connection are not a problem. The price is around 70 to 80 thousand rupees.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile camera

Xiaomi has earned second place on this list. The Mi 10 is the latest model in Xiaomi’s high-end range. The company’s most expensive, which seems to have gradually taken off the low-cost label with terminals like this one. This model is breaking all the molds. We are highlighting its camera, which is the best on the market, and its Snapdragon 865 processor and 5G technology allow it to be one of the fastest mobiles on the market.

But focusing on the feature that interests us here, we will talk about its camera. The Xiaomi Mi 10 has a quad camera with AI, an ultra-wide-angle, another to capture the effects of depth, the macro lens, and another wide-angle. It covers a larger field of view and can capture images with greater clarity than its rivals.

With 108 MP, it ensures four times more resolution than other smartphones thanks to the Sony sensor it incorporates. It is like carrying a telescope in your pocket. But the most worked is artificial intelligence; thanks to the Qualcomm ISP spectra 480, the capture range has been optimized through AI, and the camera has automatic learning. The 108 MP camera will occupy more space in the mobile, but this has been well studied so that the storage system is more powerful and outstanding performance is obtained, optimizing up to 50% of the space occupied by photos. The selfie camera has a 20 MP resolution and also has filters and shooting modes. If you are interested in recording videos, none better than the Xiaomi Mi 10, which records at 8K UHD.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max mobile camera

Apple’s latest bombshell already exceeds ten and surprises with the iPhone 12 and its two higher versions, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of these three, we highlight the third for obvious reasons: it is the best. As expected, photographs with this smartphone are of a higher level; thanks to the engineering and quality of the brand, you can get panoramas of up to 63 MP. The camera consists of a wide-angle with aperture ƒ / 1.6; an ultra-wide-angle ƒ / 2.4 aperture and a 120º field of view for perfect panoramic views; and a telephoto lens of ƒ / 2. Its front camera for selfies (dubbed TrueDepth) also has 12 MP, including shooting modes and unique effects, such as the selfie, which the company has called the recording of videos in slow motion with the front camera.

The camera’s night mode has also improved, and the lighting in low-light scenes is perfectly achieved. This improvement in photos at night is also due to the Artificial Intelligence that the iPhone 11 also carries, which executes unique effects and images with the HDR adjusted intelligently.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile camera

Another brand that has always stood out for the quality of the camera on its smartphones is Samsung. Each Korean model has obtained excellent scores in the tests of their cameras, and this has been the last model to see the light; the Samsung S21 had to be on this list.

Although Huawei has overtaken everyone on the right, Samsung is still a leader in cameras. The Galaxy S21 Ultra also targets the four cameras, and this time it copies Xiaomi’s strategy, with a 108 MP camera, but improves the front camera, with 40 MP for selfies. Here the storage is not going to be a problem because it offers up to 256 GB of storage and the possibility of putting a micro SD card of up to 1 TB. Record at 8K so that your videos do not lose the best quality on the market and include an image stabilizer. The best thing about this smartphone’s camera is that it offers a never-before-seen way to shoot videos. With the ‘Director’s perspective’ mode, you can see the viewing angles of all your screens in the same recording, choosing the one that the user likes the most.

The point that we least like about this smartphone is its price; since we can purchase it for about 1 lakh rupees, it will depend on the storage capacity we want. Suppose we wish to the slightly lower version, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. This version is just below the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra also has four cameras and was already in this ranking the previous.

Vivo X51 5G

Vivo X51 5G mobile camera

On this occasion, we are going to highlight Vivo X51 5G for the incredible camera. Among the most exciting features is its ‘Gimbal,’ an image stabilization technology that achieves one of the best results in a smartphone camera.

But not only is your gimbal worth it. This Vivo has four lenses, the main one of 48 MP and an aperture f / 1.6. But it is not the best, because here the Asian company has known well what its users demand, better quality portrait images, and selfies. That is why it has a 13 MP portrait lens and an f / 2.46 aperture and another Telephoto lens with 8 MP and f / 3.4 aperture. Its selfie camera is also not far behind, with 32 MP and f / 3.2 aperture with digital zoom. Perhaps the worst thing about this device is the zoom, which is not optical.

In addition to how good your camera looks, the smartphone has several capture modes: to take night photos, panoramic, time-lapse, slow-motion videos, or even good pictures of the moon. All this with HDR with Artificial Intelligence. As for videos, it allows up to 4K, enough, considering that on few platforms, you can see 8K videos.

Oppo Find X2

Oppo Find X2 mobile camera

The subsidiary brand of One Plus was born relatively recently, but that has not mattered so that some of its mobiles have the best cameras on the market. Perhaps for many, Oppo is not among the first smartphone brands that come to mind, but after what we will say, that will surely change.

Expert rankings place this mobile as one of the best value for money and its camera as one of the best on the market.

This time we find the primary camera with three lenses, a 48 MP wide-angle, with a Sony IMX586 sensor, another 12 MP ultra-wide-angle, for more general scenes and with the same sensor, and the 13 MP macro lens, to capture the most minute details. It has many shooting modes, but the night mode is the best that a mobile can have.

The selfie camera is not far behind in quality. It has 32 MP, and if you think that selfies in low light do not turn out well, Oppo has been determined to make you change your mind. Once again, we find a perfect night mode. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it has an intelligent fill light mode that acts according to algorithms and learning from the mobile. It also has slow motion, like the iPhone and other professional modes that amaze.

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