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Least Affected Online Jobs By the COVID-19 Crisis – Learn Today!

The current situation will bring many changes, and of course, one of them will be a real labor revolution. The presentism era is over, and that of online jobs begins.

Online Job -

Although we already know this way of working (but viewed with some distrust), companies were not ready for it. It became crystal clear in this crisis.

Many people are also losing their jobs because they have not withstood the tsunami of the pandemic. But those who have been able to get hold of online work have noticed its benefits, and companies have felt that face-to-face is not necessary as previously thought.

When all this will over, the job market will begin to rebuild, and there will be several professions that will be more in demand than before.

These are the jobs that are not being affected by the COVID-19 crisis because they are developed (or can be developed) online and in which you can start training today.

They are not the only ones, but they are the ones that seem most interesting to us.

1. Virtual Assistant

Online Job (virtual assistant) -

A virtual assistant offers administrative, creative, and communicative support to the client or company for which he works.

It can be a freelancer (an entrepreneur) or a contract professional (an employee).

An excellent virtual assistant must be able to handle the technological world very well, know the tools to use, and learn quickly.

Their main job consists of managing the administrative part of the business (billing, agenda, emails) and serving clients and prospects.

Help in the pre-sale work of the services, attending the channels that consume the most time, such as email, or chat, if you are working with these systems.

There is also a back-office job, schedule management, invoice preparation, etc.

All these activities that if the entrepreneur is alone in his business, he will lose a lot of time. This block of tasks is usually necessary and comes as a great relief.

And for many digital businesses, look in this virtual assistant position for tasks that have to do with the publication of content and the dissemination and mediation of content on social networks.

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2. Project Manager (Slightly Tough Among Online Jobs)

Project Manager -

This profile must be familiar with agile methodologies, visual thinking, and Scrum.

Also, if you are a specialist in digital transformation, better than better. Many companies begin to build a new employment relationship from the digitization of their environment, and that is where the figure of the project manager begins to be more valued.

A project manager is in charge of the organization, planning, motivation, and control of resources, both personal and financial, to achieve the goals proposed in one or more projects.

As the virtual assistant profession, it is very multifaceted, and it is a profession with a bright future.

3. Coaching

Coaching -

Consultants or coaches have not lost their sessions if they were already doing their work virtually. They provide their services through platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

But it is that, in addition, companies realize the importance of these specialists now much more with this crisis.

Digital work has revealed that it is essential to work on the emotional part of teams and different departments.

Many of these professionals have been able to continue helping their clients online and have realized that it is possible and can reach many more people who need their services.

4. Digital Content Creation (Best Among Online Jobs)

Digital Content Creation

The creation of content has grown a lot in recent years, and it is growing right now even faster pace. The connection time with the consumers has increased considerably.

This profession is dedicated to creating content in text, video, or images to meet a business need: to satisfy users’ need to consume content online.

This serves to attract and retain customers, which is why this profile is highly valued.

The creator must be familiar with the digital environment and marketing so that they can:

  • Know the ideal customer, understand how to attract them, turn them into valued consumers, and retain them.
  • Plan a content calendar according to the avatar.
  • Integrate your work with your content marketing strategy.

If you also know copywriting and SEO, you can spectacularly complete the profile.

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5. Online Teacher or Trainer

Online Teacher -

This profession has not only been unaffected but has grown. Many people and institutions that only provided face-to-face training have had to go online.

If you already have experience as an online trainer, you can be a fascinating profile for companies looking to train their staff. Because the safest thing is that everything related to learning and training begins to be online.

Notice that they are already talking about new professionals of the future, such as:

  • Online tutor: He is an advisor of the professional path or of the reinvention.
  • EdTech Expert: He is an implementer of educational technologies.
  • Digital educator: He is an expert advisor in digital transformation and helps his students leave their studies better prepared for the world of work.

You must start your career because they will be in high demand very shortly. In addition, you can always create your own online course and generate passive income.

6. Designer (Most Competitive Among Online Jobs)

Designer -

Another profession, being closely related to the digital world and online business, has not suffered a hit.

Designers can virtually communicate without problems and are more than used to doing it. You can even live traveling and working as a freelance designer. It is a beautiful profession ideal for it.

The important thing is that, if you don’t already have it, look for adequate design training and get down to work creating your own online business.

7. Experts in Digital Marketing (Most Demanded Among Online Jobs)

Digital Marketing

Here you can be a marketer in the global sense or choose between several branches; The important thing is that everything related to online marketing is booming right now. It already was, but now more because online companies are the least affected by the crisis.

Therefore, being a specialist in a branch of marketing is a good choice.

I give you some examples you can specialize in:

    • Online advertising (Trafficker).
    • Web positioning (SEO).
    • Content development (web copywriter, digital editor).

All are done online (if you want) and are in high demand.

8. Electronic Commerce or E-commerce

E-commerce -

Online stores have experienced significant growth in recent months, especially in the food sector.

Can you imagine selling those products that you like so much online? Well, it is possible if you create your own online store.

Setting up your store is as easy as creating a web page. You can do it from your home and send your products anywhere in the world.

Without a doubt, online purchases increase every year. Consumers love the convenience of purchasing products in a few minutes and without having to wait in endless queues. That is why online stores are experiencing such growth.

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Choose your Profession of the Future

This crisis has shown that everything related to the internet works well, even when there is a global pandemic.

And one more thing.

An economic crisis is expected, and there will be specific profiles that will have more difficulty finding work again, those who have not yet developed digital skills.

The possibility of developing your work from an office, from home, or from anywhere is a plus.

Another point will be that the work cannot be done by a robot. Therefore, it is best to bet on the creative and digital professions of the future.

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