Google Trends tutorial -

How to Use Google Trends? How Does It Improve Your Marketing Strategy?

If you have an online project, you have to find keywords to know their search trends in different countries and thus include them in your project to achieve ranking.

Sounds like you, right?

In addition, we have all been curious to see if our sector is growing or not and vice versa. We do so to see if it is good to follow our path or develop the market or diversify in any products or services.

Google Trends tutorial -

What is Google Trends, and what is it for? Learn to analyze search trends in your country with this tutorial.

Google Trends is Google’s own tool that can help us generate helpful content for content marketers. So it is essential to consider the strategies of our digital marketing plan and SEO strategy.

That is why we will see what Google Trends is with a useful tutorial in India, China, Japan, or any country. What are these statistics and trends from Google for, how the tool works, and what people search on Google?

What is Google Trends, and what is it for?

Google Trends, owned by Google, is a great keyword research tool that gives you real search trends, comparison, analysis, related searches for various keywords. We can easily know what people are searching. You will have all this without paying any penny.

With Google Trends, we can know the popularity of the words and compare them with others. This google trends data will help us for creating contents as we want to brand our prjects. Also, it includes a section where it shows the trends depending on the country. You can also see how your entered keyword is performing in a specific region of the country.

Its graphs show the time (months and years) on the “X” axis and the search interest or popularity of the specific keyword on the “Y” axis from 0 to 100 (100 is the highest level).

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It should be noted that if the word has very few searches, Google Trends will not show you its results. It will, then, display a message: “Your search does not have enough data to show results.” In this case, I recommend you go to another tool other than Google, such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. Let’s see a series of significant reasons to take Google trends into account:

A free tool that gives you an estimation of the popular words.

As I have already mentioned, many people do not know about the existence of this tool. So enjoying it can be a competitive advantage if you work on the SEO of your project. It can help you search for keywords, help you in your local SEO, find relevant content, and see what events are happening.

Whether or not you are found on Google can make a big difference in the success or failure of your project. So the more we dig into it, the better.

They are data from Google itself.

Many tools provide search information the same as Google Trends, but it is true that Google does not own these tools.

In addition, we can select whether we want to see the results of Google Shopping, news, images, or YouTube searches, a beneficial functionality, especially for a business.

In addition, if we combine this tool with Google Ads, we can get many ideas of both trends and volume to use.

Its operation is effortless.

Google Trends tool is easy to use and very clear, so you know how to use it without any problems. You do not need technology to use this tool.

It has few buttons, and its results are very clear, plus Google Trends graphs are easy to interpret.

You can compare up to 5 words.

How to search in Google Trends

In your analysis, you can compare up to 5 words so that you can get the trend data of each of them with different colors in the same graph. See the image given below. It gives you an estimate of which one is most used throughout the world or in the country you select (in this case, India).

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How Google Trends works

Now we will see how the Google Trends Explore or the Google Trends explorer works. We will also see its other functionalities that are very useful for our day-to-day.

As soon as we enter the Google Trends website, it will ask us to enter a search term. Once written and press “Enter” or the “search” button, we will have the estimated trend.

How Google Trends works

As you can see, I have selected India, but we can put “the whole world” or the country from which we need the information.

In addition, we can change the months and years depending on what we want to obtain, and select from the year 2004 to the present day.

We can select by sector in the categories, that is, if it is food, beauty, automobiles, science, sports, shopping, etc.

On the other hand, in web search, as I mentioned before, we have the option of seeing: Google Shopping, news, images or YouTube for video content, to see what search queries has been in each of these sections.

Also, if we click on “Compare,” we can add words to get a graph with more search terms like the one seen before.

If we have chosen a country from the dropdown menu and scroll down, we will find the interest of the keywords by subregion. In our case, here we can see Indian states with the most-to-low searched keyword.

How Google Trends works By Region

Later on, we can see related topics and related queries, where we know what people search in Google and what is associated with the word we have added. And thus give us ideas of what more words or phrases we can use in our online project.

Google Trends Related Works

All this data can be shared, inserted, and downloaded as we need and without limit of use since it is a totally free tool.

How to search in Google Trends [Example]

We will now see how to use Google Trends with a real example in which you will learn how to read its graph and interpret its trends.

We will continue with the example that I have given you before about marketing and search engine optimization. And we include the words we need in the search engine as follows.

How to search in Google Trends

Once we have the data, we will extract a graph like this that you have seen before.

How to search in Google Trends

According to this graph, the word “marketing” in India, in the last 12 months, has been highly trendy (since it is very close to the number 100), followed by “Social Media.”

However, “Content Marketing,” “Marketing Tools,” or “Business Marketing” have not been much popular in the last year.

If we go down, we can see in which subregions or cities these marked terms are popular. And we can even order them according to the word we have added (Yellow Highlight).

How to search in Google Trends3

If we go down a bit more, we have related queries for each of the words we have included. In our case, take “Marketing Tools”.

It can give us an idea of what type of content we should create.

How to search in Google Trends4

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What do people Google search for?

If we go to the tool’s menu (top left corner), we find the “Trending Searches” section, seeing what people are searching for on Google in the country and the year we selected.

In the case of India, when I am writing this article, the search for Irfan Pathan Wife, Dilip Joshi, Budhha Purnimaaa Wishes, Lunar Eclipse were trendy.

What do people Google search for

As you can see, it is also an approximation of what has happened in India since it highlights the searches for important. This feature makes it another use of the tool.

It is also a way to see what events are happening and see if the search trend for this increases or decreases.

Is Google Trends important to my strategy?

Yes. Google Trends is an important tool, and I recommend that you must use it to do research on your field and your brand.

Try entering the name of your brand or your commercial brand and see the results. From time to time, you see these statistics and trends from Google to know your digital health.

If you want to position a keyword, it is crucial that you use a tool like this. Yes, most are paid, so take advantage of the absolutely free Google Trends tool and use it many times you want.

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