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How to Restore Damaged Photographs into New: The Easiest Way

When it comes to photos, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a damaged one. Whether it be from water or just old age, a photo that has been loved and cared for can easily become worn and faded. Luckily, restoring damaged photographs is possible! There are a few different ways you can do this for the best results.restore image

Amazing results

It is an artificial intelligence developed by Hotpot, a company dedicated to “simplifying graphic design and image editing” through the use of AI. We can test it directly from this link.

We will simply have to upload the image we want to restore and specify (using the blue button) if the photograph has scratches. In a matter of seconds, we will be able to download the restored image.

ss image restore

Below I am going to leave some examples of what I have achieved using this tool. Some of the results are really impressive:

image restore image restore image restore

image restore

As we can see, in all cases the image improves substantially. In some, the result is almost magical, and the photographs come to life in an almost magical way. This website can be a great ally when it comes to digitizing and restoring some photos from the family album.

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