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How to Know if You Are Blocked on Instagram

Not knowing if you have been blocked on Instagram by someone can be disturbing. This ‘betrayal‘ can come from a friend, a co-worker, a family member, or even a partner. It is a turning away that occurs without warning by the Meta application, Instagram.

Suddenly, at a specific moment, you will notice that you have stopped seeing that person’s stories in the application and its content in general, although this absence does not have to be the result of a block. At Hitechsea, we have compiled a series of tricks and clues to know if someone has you blocked on Instagram. Additionally, we provide reasons why a specific user’s content may no longer be visible.

Instagram, with its growing popularity, has become an essential medium for social interaction. But what happens when you suddenly can’t interact with someone or even view their profile? They may have blocked you.

However, Instagram does not notify you directly when this occurs. Therefore, there are a few signs to pay attention to:

The Inaccessible Profile: a Key Indicator That Tells You’ve Been Blocked on Instagram

One of the first signs that someone has blocked you on Instagram is the inability to access their profile. When you try to visit the page of the user who blocked you, you may encounter a message stating that the page is unavailable or has been deleted. However, this is not an absolute confirmation, as the profile may also be inactive or actually deleted.

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Instagram Page, Instagram Profile not found

Additional Confirmation: Google Search

You can do a Google search to confirm your suspicions if you think you have been blocked. Simply enter the user’s real name or their Instagram username followed by the word “Instagram” without logging into your account.

If the person’s profile does not appear on the search, it means that you have been literally blocked on Instagram. There is no doubt. Keep in mind that there are people who temporarily deactivate their accounts for various reasons. It is a practice that is common during exams and vacations. So, if it does not appear on Instagram or Google, the account is no longer available to anyone.

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Signs of a Possible Blockage

Instagram allows users to hide their stories from specific people. If you can no longer see someone’s Stories, it may indicate that they have blocked you on Instagram. However, they may have blocked you from viewing their Stories without directly blocking you, so you can still access their profile and photos.

You can also upload stories exclusively visible to people in your contact list. These stories are easily identifiable by a green label with a white star at the top, distinguishing them from other stories. You may also simply not be uploading content to social networks. In the end, no one is under a duty to do it, and it is something that people do for pleasure and enjoyment.

Final Verification From Messages and Followers

To confirm if someone has blocked you, try sending them a private message. If you are unable to send a message or if the user no longer appears in your follower list, there’s a good chance they have blocked you.

There is another alternative clue that your mutual friends may inadvertently give you. If, when viewing the stories, there is one that appears grey when you open it and says “story not available,” but the profile is visible without problems, it is likely that that user has shared a publication created by the person who has blocked you. To check who the ‘blocker’ is, search for your acquaintance’s Instagram profile on Google and click on the story (without logging into your account).

Discovering if someone has you blocked on Instagram can be uncomfortable. However, there are signs and checks that can help you uncover the truth. Remember that although these methods are effective, Meta designed Instagram keeping user privacy on the top. So there may be other reasons why you can’t see or interact with a particular profile.

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