How to Download GIF From Pinterest -

How To Download GIF From Pinterest: Step-By-Step Guide 2021

How to download GIF from PinterestPreviously, emojis were the ones that ruled the digital world, but this has changed, and now it is an era of memes and GIFs. Both memes and GIFs have taken over social networks and many online platforms. Although beyond the famous months, the GIFs reveal significant advantages and are preferred by many users today.

How to Download GIF From Pinterest -

In this sense, GIF refers to “Graphics Interchange Format” and consists of a type of image format that is usually a smaller file compared to conventional image formats (PNG or JPEG, for example) that can be loaded faster on any website. In this way, they are compatible with different chat applications and social networks, including Pinterest.

Thus, Pinterest has a vast image search engine to find a wide variety of animated GIFs, whether to use on other social platforms, send to your friends through chats or upload in forums. Therefore, in this post, we want to show you how you can easily download a GIF from Pinterest from any computer or mobile device.

In the following paragraphs, you will find step-by-step instructions to register on Pinterest (if you have not already done so) and, above all, on how to download GIF from the official application.

How to download GIF from Pinterest step by step

Sign up on Pinterest

Sign Up Pinterest

If you intend to download GIFs from Pinterest, I suppose you already know and enjoy this popular social network, which has a huge possibility of finding new ideas in the form of images. It is necessary to register on the platform to view and download the platform’s content.

In case you have not already done so, you can easily register on Pinterest from mobile phones and tablets, downloading the official application for Android or iOS or from a PC.

In the case of Android users, they must access the Google Play Store, search for the said app and press the “Install” button. And, If you are an iPhone user, type Pinterest in App Store and press the “Get” or “Install” buttons.

Once the app is downloaded, complete the account creation process, entering your email, or pressing the buttons, Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google. Now, continue and personalize your profile by choosing the name displayed and pointing to the topics of your interest.

On the other hand, register on the official Pinterest website if you want to register directly from your computer. Once you reach the homepage, use the text fields displayed on the screen to facilitate all the data you are told. Next, click on “Continue,” and you can register on the social network.

However, you can register on Pinterest with your Facebook profile or your Google account. If you choose to use this process, all you have to do is open your Facebook or Google account on the device you are using, click “Continue with Facebook” or “Continue with Google,” and that’s it.

Now, we proceed to each step to follow so that you can download an animated GIF from Pinterest through your smartphone or from a computer.

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Download Pinterest GIFs from Mobile Phones and Tablets

Pinterest in mobile -

To download GIF from Pinterest to a mobile phone/tablet, you must use the official application of the social network for Android or iOS. Once started, log in with your account credentials and thus proceed to the search for GIFs to download.

To log in, tap the button Login, then enter email and password in the appropriate fields and press Login or touch the buttons Log in with Google or Login with Facebook, if you have registered with them.

Once you see the homepage of Pinterest, use the search engine at the top and type GIF to locate all animated GIFs on the platform.

Once you find what you are interested in, click on it, then the button with the (…) sign at the top, click the Download Image item.

The GIF will be saved in the memory of your device, that is, in the iOS Photo application or the Android photo gallery application. So to see it, all you have to do is open the default media gallery app on your device.

Alternatively, on iOS, if you do not want to use the Pinterest app, you can download the GIF by connecting to the official Pinterest website through the browser (Safari) and logging in with your account details as described above. Huh!

When done, use the text fields you saw above to write the word GIF and identify the animated images you are interested in.

If you find an image that interests you, tap on it, then hold your finger and slide your finger downward to upward.

Now, click on the Save Image item to download the GIF in the iOS Photo app in the context menu.

On Android, it is not possible to perform this alternative procedure, and therefore, it is necessary to use the Pinterest application.

Download GIF from Pinterest to your PC

download GIF in pc from pinterest

Fortunately, running this process from a computer is also very easy.

Here are the steps to follow:

If you’re already registered, you’re connected to the official Pinterest site using a browser (such as Google Chrome) to browse the Internet; press the login button that appears at the top right. Now, use the text field that appears on the screen (mail email or phone number password) to log in with your credentials.

If you have registered a Pinterest account via Facebook or Google account, click the Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google button.

Once you log in there, you will have to use the search engine provided by the social network, which you can see at the top. In the said search bar, type the word “Gif” and hit the Enter key.

After a few seconds, they will show you all the results linked with this search in GIF format and when you find the file that catches your attention, click on it.

Later, to download it, the process is similar to that of the previous case. You will simply have to touch the icon with three horizontal dots in the upper right part of the image. And press the option “Download image.” In this way, it will save automatically in the Downloads folder of your Windows or macOS computer.

Warning: GIFs downloaded from Pinterest may be copyrighted, so do not use them on sites or, worse, on business projects. Use them in private areas, such as private chats with friends and family.

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Steps to share an animated GIF from Pinterest on any social network

On the other hand, in most cases, users download images to save the pictures to their computer or mobile device and thereby share them on social networks other than Pinterest. But, to make it even simpler, it is possible to share the said social network animated GIF directly to other platforms, regardless of the device you are running.

In this sense, below, we explain the steps to follow to share an animated image on other recognized social platforms, either through your smartphone or with your computer:

Share Pinterest GIF

Share from smartphone

As in the previous case, you must make sure that you are logged into your Pinterest account.

Now, perform the following procedure:

After entering Pinterest, click on the search icon in the Home part of the social network (identified by the magnifying glass) to bring up the ideas search box. Thus, in this bar, enter the term “Gif.”

Next, it will show you all the results associated with GIFs, and you should find what you like most or want to share on another social network.

Once you get the one you prefer, access it by simply pressing it. It will show you several options, and you will have to press the characteristic share icon.

With the above, the supported apps or social networks will appear to send the GIF file directly from the Pinterest mobile application. With this, you can share the image on WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, etc. That’s all.

Share from your computer

Of course, through your computer, you also can share GIF images from Pinterest on other social platforms in an effortless way.

Here, we introduce you to the process that must be followed for this, both on Windows computers and a Mac:

Step 1: From any web browser, search for Pinterest and go to its official website, where you must log in with your account.

Step 2: Located on the home page, you will see the search bar at the top of the panel, and there, you have to type the word “Gif” to find all the associated results and select the image you want to send to another social network.

Step 3: Once you access the animated image, click on the download icon among all the available options (the same one indicated in the image). You will find the alternatives that the social network offers you to share that file on other platforms directly through it.

Step 4: To conclude, just press the icon of the app or social network in which you want to share the animated GIF, and that’s it.

List of the best websites to find and download GIFs for free

In addition to Pinterest, other online platforms of interest host a vast catalogue of images in GIF format, so you can download them for free. Therefore, you have more options when looking for animated GIFs to share on social networks or by chat.

Here are 5 of the best websites for finding high-quality GIF images:


Giphy is considered by many to be the world’s leading platform for creating and downloading animated GIFs online in the world, with millions of these animated images organized and tagged, accessible to anyone with a simple browser (or one of the supported apps). You can also download or embed them on your website (for example, on your blog) or even create your own in a very simple way.

It is a website specialized in this type of image format and guarantees a fantastic variety due to its various categories (entertainment, artists, sports, funny, etc.). It has both android and iOS apps available.


We provide this website with an easy-to-use interface to get images in GIF files for free. It stands for a wide variety of visual content that manages to suit the tastes and needs of all users who access Imgur. It is considered the ideal solution for finding content for all audiences, so it is browsed by 250 million users every month.

That way, in addition to animated images, you will also find memes and many more images in formats other than GIF. Now, to get the animated GIF you want to obtain, you can use the web search engine to download it to your device. In addition, it supports searches by keywords, through hashtags, or by the most popular content on the platform.


It consists of an image bank specializing in GIF format files, and, thanks to its remarkable quality, it has grown exponentially. We are considering that it is a platform sponsored by Google, which decided to dispense with the services of Giphy to purchase Tenor. Among its best advantages, we find that its images adapt to any device and support the free download of animated GIFs.

For its part, it is a truly visual and easy-to-use platform, which is why many users choose to access it. In addition, it allows a very fast search because it segments GIFs by categories that can be adapted to the needs of all people. In addition to this, it should be noted that Tenor also provides more GIF options and even displays technical details about each image to be obtained (dimensions, exact duration, date and time of creation, etc.).


Although it does not contain the best page design, the truth is that it is considered another of the highest quality options to find animated GIFs and download them at no cost. In addition, apart from downloading said image files, the website also offers the possibility for users to upload their own creations. It is a website that provides various content that is kept up-to-date and constantly renewed.

Now, so that people who access the web page can find their desired GIF more quickly, each file is associated with a few tags. In addition to this, GIFBin allows you to send GIFs directly to your WhatsApp contacts if you wish.

Reddit GIFs

Reddit GIF

In this great community, you can access exciting news and participate in multi discussions. Moreover, Reddit has a section for GIFs that is constantly updated and in which you can select from the tabs of the most popular, new, or most commented GIFs.


So far we have seen how to download GIF from Pinterest and how to share GIF from Pinterest on other social networks. We have also found out some fantastic website mainly dedicated to GIFs format.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Let me know your questions and other GIF websites you use in the comment section.

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