Create Stickers For Telegram

How To Create Sticker For Telegram: Step by Step Tutorial

If we talk about messaging apps, the typical ones of Telegram or WhatsApp come to our mind. Although WhatsApp is more popular because it is the first to land on our phones. We chose Telegram for day-to-day communications; it is an application that is updated regularly and offers a series of advantages over others, such as its cloud-based operation.

Create Stickers For Telegram

Telegram allows visual communication through animated stickers that you can find generally grouped with a common theme. The stickers are images in which they represent some action or emotion–you can express laughter, fear, anger, and other moods through these lovely stickers. You can telegram sticker pack of your choice with a theme or simply group the ones you like the most to have them together.

To create your own stickers, you will need a minimum knowledge of image editing and a platform on which you will make them. The images will also need to meet a series of requirements and some tricks that we will teach you to be seen correctly both in dark and white backgrounds.

Prepare the Image For Telegram Sticker

What do you need to create your own stickers? The sticker creation process is not complicated, but you need an image editing application such as Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr. And you will also need some skill to achieve something similar to the example that Telegram itself offers us when starting the process.

The first thing you should choose is the photo.

  • It must be PNG files with transparent backgrounds; have a size of 512 x 512 pixels;
  • It must not be more than 512 Kb,
  • it must include a white stroke and shadow.

Prepared? Well, let’s get to it.

1. Remove the background

Remove Background For Telegram Sticker

The first thing you should do is remove the background from the image you have chosen. To do this, you have two options.

In Photoshop, you can select the “Magic Wand” tool and click on the area you want to delete. After doing this, right-click on the “Select Reverse” button and click “Copy”.

You can also choose to use the eraser tool, a process perhaps easier since it will be enough for you to select and then click on the area you want to erase from the image. However, you will need to enlarge the image to get the best result.

Another way is easier than above, go to, upload your image, and click the button “remove background”. From this step, you may lose the quality of the picture. However, this is the easiest method for creating a transparent background.

You can also search for transparent background cartoons on Google. Use only royalty-free images since images may be copyrighted.

2. Create a 512 x 512-pixel file

Next, you must give it the size Telegram requires of 512 x 512 pixels.

You have two options, go to File> Create and indicate the size of the image, which should be 512 x 512 pixels. In the same box, click on Transparent and click “OK”.

When you have the new File, click on “Paste”, and then you will see the image without a background, although you will most likely have to adjust it in Edit> Transform> Scale.

If you want to avoid this last step of scaling, you can choose to go to File> Create and enter any size to the File. Click on transparent and hit “OK”. Hit paste and go to the Snipping Tool, where you must specify 512 x 512 pixels measurements.

Finally, if you want to add any other element or text, it is time to do it.

3. Contour and shadow

The sticker must have an outline and shadow, which will give it a more realistic appearance. To do this, you must double-click on the layer, its options will open. At that time, you must choose the following settings:

  • Outline (or stroke) 7 pixels in size, 100% opacity, white.
  • Shadow with 25% opacity, 120-degree angle, 7 pixels away and 13 pixels in size.

4. Save the image as PNG

The requirements to save your image

  • Image Format: PNG
  • Optimum Size: 512KB
  • Background: Transparent

You can go through image compression tools to reduce your image size. Otherwise the image will not be used as a telegram sticker.

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And now, Telegram Sticker Bot

Telegram Sticker Bot

When you have the images ready, you will have to go to Telegram to sign the sticker bot and upload the images. You just have to go to the application, open the contact search engine and write “Stickers”. A conversation will open with the bot dedicated to stickers and will allow you to create new packs, delete existing ones, etc.

  • /newpack – create a new sticker pack
  • /newmasks – create a new skin pack
  • /newanimated – create a pack of animated stickers
  • /addsticker – add a sticker to an existing pack
  • /editsticker – change emojis or coordinates
  • /ordersticker – reorder stickers in a pack
  • /setpackicon – set a sticker pack icon
  • /delsticker – remove a sticker from an existing pack
  • /delpack – remove a pack
  • /stats – get stats for a sticker
  • /top – get popular stickers
  • /packstats – get statistics for a pack of stickers
  • /packtop – get popular sticker packs
  • /topbypack – get popular stickers in one pack
  • /packusagetop – get usage statistics for your packs
  • /cancel – cancel the current operation

You will have to follow the steps and instructions that it indicates. We will start activating it with /start, and then we will have to write /newpack to create a new pack of stickers. You can use any of the previous commands to do one action or another.

Attach the Images To Create Telegram Sticker

Attach the images

When you have followed and given the instructions to the Telegram bot, you will have to send the image file that you want to convert into a sticker. As we say, it must be in PNG format with a transparent background, and it must fit into a 512 px box.

Once you have it, you will have to attach the different images to Telegram using the corresponding bot. Just attach the photo as in any other normal conversation in the application. But keep in mind that you must attach the photo as a file and not as an image. Send it by clicking the attachment icon on the Telegram app and not as a photo to not lose the quality of the sticker.

Every time you upload a sticker, you will have to send an emoji related to the first sticker. Although Telegram recommends that you not use more than two emojis for each sticker, you can include several. You will be able to add new stickers to the pack until you finish including all the images you want to be in the same pack.

Use or Share Your Awesome Telegram Sticker

Use or Share Telegram Sticker

Once you’re done, just type the /publish command and choose a short name that will be appended to the package name. The name must not be previously registered, so we will have to be unique.

Once the package is ready, tap on “Add stickers” to upload them to your own collection of the messaging app. You can also use the link that the bot gives you to share it with friends or other users.

Now you can use the sticker pack in your telegram chats or any conversation with friends or in public or private group conversations.

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