Freelancing Tips That Jumpstart Your Freelancing Career 2021

Freelancing Tips That Jumpstart Your Freelancing Career 2021

Freelance work can really be very comfortable work to do.


You are your own boss, you work from home (or from anywhere in the world), and you plan the day as best suits you. Yes, it is a type of work that can be very interesting and gives you a lot of freedom.

However, you must know how to organize yourself well to not end up overwhelmed or in time with delivery limits. In addition, although at first glance, working from home may seem very tasty, the truth is that it can be somewhat frustrating if we do not know how to do it well.

Therefore, here we will offer you a list of all the tips you should know to start working as a freelancer.

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1. A Workspace (Essential Freelance Tip)

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Even if you work at home or on the road (Haha…), you must have reserved space, especially for your workday.

Remember that it should be a peaceful space and away from the disturbance to concentrate most and boost your productivity.

In addition, we recommend that you avoid working in your bedroom (if you can) because it has lazy memories with you, which is not good for work. Therefore, you should change the room to be a bit more active and at full throttle when working.

Have a space particular for your work, and try not to mix it with the rest of your life to work at your full pace.

2. Have a Routine to Wake Up

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We recommend avoiding spending two hours having breakfast and watching TV but behave as you have to leave home to go to work.

That is, take a shower and get dressed, clean yourself, and get ready to start your new workday. You should know that you still have a schedule to meet even if you don’t leave home.

Believe it or not, starting your day in this way will help you awaken your mind. You will be relaxed and calm at your work to meet deadlines.

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3. Organize Your Daily Tasks (Must Freelance Tip)

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To perform equally well in your working hours, you must organize everything you have to do during that day and do it according to priorities.

Try to do the most urgent task first in the morning and the less urgent task in the last.

Organize your work hours well so that you can be productive and not waste time on paperwork. We recommend that you have a daily and monthly (if possible) to-do list, especially put all your important dates and deadlines on the list.

4. The Importance of Breaks (Crucial Freelance Tip)

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When you are working in a physical company, there will surely be a moment when you stop to have a coffee, eat with your colleagues or go out for lunch, right?

And workers must include the 20 minutes of daily rest that they must take. And this data is not made by chance, not at all!

It is highly proven that workers who rest during the workday; perform more tasks. Running away from tiredness or mental exhaustion makes you work less and worse your mood.

For this reason, even if you do freelance work, it is highly recommended that you should stop even for 15 minutes to get some fresh air, have a coffee, and clear your mind.

5. Beware of Distractions

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Obviously, when you work from home, there are probably more reasons that can distract us. Examples are the television, the radio, the neighbors…

You must keep in mind that, even if you are at home, you are working, and therefore, it is not the time to even look at Facebook, your mobile or put that TV program that you like so much. Your client is waiting, and they already set a deadline for the project.

Remember, you can look at distractions during your breaks or when you finish your workday.

All the housework you should finish in the early morning. Otherwise, you will be interrupted all the time, and it will give you the feeling that you are not making progress with your work.

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6. Make a Schedule and Stick to It!

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One of the main problems of freelancers, when they start, is that they spend all day working. While working from home may be “fun” at first, it can become very tiring in the long run if you don’t know how to organize yourself well.

You must have a schedule and stick to it. Even if you have things pending, try to leave them for the next day; nothing happens! It is important to know how to make the balance between your work life with your personal life.

But the most basic and effective advice that we can give you in this regard is none other than; finish on time.

In this way, you will end all your pending works someday, and you will save some time to do whatever you want.

7. Put a Fair Price on Your Work (Strong Freelance Tip)

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To earn money by freelancing, you must know what the price that is usually paid to other writers is. You have to know that this amount can vary, depending on the experience, the content’s quality, and their training.

We recommend that to set a fair price, you inform yourself about what companies usually pay. In this way, you can give an appropriate price to the market.

But you must bear in mind that :

  • You will get according to freelancers: You must “inflate” the price a little so that it pays to be freelancers.
  • Companies deduct your VAT: it is much more profitable to hire you as a freelancer than a self-employed worker.
  • You will not have paid vacations: the freelancer’s life is somewhat complicated in the sense of labor rights. Therefore, the important thing is to have a fairly comfortable rate so that you can save money for your holidays with the calculation of all your work.

For example, you are a freelance writer, set a general rule and put a specific price on every 100 written words. You can shift your rate per word according to the content’s length. For example, charge 0.20 rupees for every word, Rs 1 for every 100 words, and so on.

Another option is to put a fixed price for each block of items. That is, charge Rs 100 for an article of 500 words, Rs 150 for 800 words, and so on.

The price must be set by you, so we recommend that you show honesty with yourself to establish a reasonable rate but, at the same time, profitable for you. Also, you must be flexible with your price.

Because, after all, it’s work!

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