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Freelance Writing Jobs: Best Websites to Kick Start Your Journey

Did you know that you can earn excellent cash writing on the Internet? In 2020, Content writing jobs showed high demand all over the world. Due to the pandemic era, this field urged sharp growth and continues to grow in 2021.

All web pages need content and, most of the time, they hire freelance writers to write this content in a professional and ideal way.

Freelance Writing Jobs - Hitechsea

For this reason, today, it is possible to earn money writing articles on the Internet. In India, this field got somehow limited to some people. Therefore, it is still low competition than the other part of the world.

If you love to spread any knowledge through your writings and want to have a job that allows you to connect with the world, become an online content writer!

How to Make Money Writing Articles

First, you have to know the little but important things about the online world. The first thing you have to choose the industry type, and these types are:

Articles for corporate blogs: Many companies have blogs, sections of the web that present their latest news or outstanding developments in the particular sector.

Content For Informative Websites: Many websites only offer informative content. These businesses provide information of interest to different profiles (parenting, relation, news, finance, mechanics, etc.). You also have good opportunities to work here.

Therefore, as you can see, you have many options on the Internet that will allow you to build a professional career as a digital content writer. The only task you have to complete is to choose the niche you want to write for.

But, in addition, you must know some essential characteristics of this type of work.

If you want to start your career in content writing, pay attention to these tips that we will give you below!

6 Tips to Be an Online Writer

6 Tips to Be an Online Writer - Freelance writing jobs hitechsea

Language Proficiency: it is fundamental as you have to write well. And this not only means that you have good prose and you do not make spelling mistakes or punctuation. To be an online writer, you must know how to write correctly with the right style and tone.

Content Organization: It is also essential to know how to structure a text well. Some people write well but do not know how to structure the information well. We must not forget that we are for humans. Therefore, the order of the content must be logical, consistent, and well cohesive.

Knowledge of the Online World: Although it is not 100% essential, it is recommended that you should know how the digital world works. There are some key concepts such as SEO, keywords, headings, trends on the Internet, etc. In this way, you can provide an extra to your readers.

Flexibility: We have to be clear about the text of our articles written for all kinds of people. Depending on the type of website or company, you should choose your text style among technical, formal, informal, and general. It is crucial that, as an online content writer, you know how to adapt to the needs of each client and connect with the person who is reading behind the screen.

Clean Style: it is also essential to offer a clear, simple, and direct speech without losing style. That is, it is necessary to write well. Your text should be understood, of course, and enters into the eyes. To do this, you must use a more neat and refined vocabulary and create connection bridges with the digital reader.

Closeness and Professionalism: Another is, you must break that cold distance that exists in the online environment. You are communicating through a screen, and therefore you must offer a close, pleasant speech, but that looks serious. We want to inform readers and know that this source of information that we consult is reliable. Therefore, it is essential not to make spelling mistakes. The article is well laid out, and the text is understandable and explained clearly and simply.

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Websites That Pay to Write

Now that we have provided you some of the most essential tips to work as a freelance writer, you must know the first steps you should take.

Here we offer you a list of the websites that provide you money by writing articles in a simple and almost immediate way.

Of course, to work with them, you will have to pass a first writing test to validate your style and knowledge.

1. Textbroker

One of the best-known websites to work as a freelance writer is Textbroker.

It is a website where you must register as a writer to receive different proposals from companies that need content.

It is a website where you can take your first “steps” as a digital content writer.

Why? Because, although it is one of the best-known, the truth is that the workflow is irregular and, in addition, the price they pay per item is not too high.

Of course: it is an excellent tool to train yourself as a writer and test if, really, this profession is for you.

In addition, it will help you “break the ice” and be able to offer texts written by you in the digital world. Something that never hurts when you look for other jobs in other companies.

2. Publisuites

The second best site that will pay you for writing articles is Publisuites.

It is a platform that has always been known to put websites and potential advertisers in contact. But, it has taken a step further as they also have a pool of writers that you can also be part of.

To work as an editor on this website, you simply have to send your application indicating your favorite topics, as well as the availability of work you have.

Once you have everything completed, you must pass a written test to assess whether you are suitable for this platform or not.

In a maximum of 48 hours, you will receive a response from the website’s technical team and give you the final OK. Once you cracked it, you will be able to enter your user panel and, from there, you will receive the articles assigned to you.

Of course, in Publisuites, they are the ones who indicate the price you will charge per word. You can make a counteroffer, but the prices they will offer you are not too high. But, as in the case of Textbroker, it is a perfect option to take your next steps in the profession and test if you really like the job.

3. GreatContent

In GreatContent, you have other best ways to earn money by writing articles.

It is an international platform with a great demand for content in English; therefore, it is perfect if you are fluent in this language.

To be part of this website, you must register as an author and wait for your application to be accepted. Once they have done so, you will begin to receive different orders to carry out regularly. The price they pay is not too high, but it will serve as training to get the hang of writing online.

Also, the best thing about GreatContent is that it is an international platform that operates in many countries; therefore, it has a lot of work.

4. Isrgrajan

Now we will talk about Isrgrajan, another top most website in the writing of digital content.

It is not a platform with many registered authors, but it is a website which pays you to write for them. Also, its demand for content is not too high, you can choose your own topic, but you have to approve it first.

The income is not very high as this is a small company and payings are already decided according to words.

It is straightforward to register on the Isrgrajan website. You don’t have to give any test; they will validate your application in a short time. But you have to write according to their pre-decided guidelines; otherwise, your article will not publish on the website.

In summary, as you have seen, different options will allow you to earn money writing articles. These platforms can be a perfect option to take your first steps in this world and gain experience.

However, you should not consider jobs on these websites as your only source of income because, indeed, it is difficult to earn a decent salary. The best thing is that you see them as an excellent opportunity to start working writing articles and, thus, grow little by little.

But here’s more list of legit websites with high competition but high paying, you can get rich by working on it,

freelance writing jobs

1. Pepper Content
2. Upwork
3. Fiverr
4. Freelancer
5. Cracked.

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How to make money writing on your own

As you have seen, these websites are perfect for getting started in the freelance writer world. However, working here is not enough to carve out a professional future for you. These websites serve as an initial test to gain fluency and gain experience.

Once you are ready to take the “big leap,” it is time to start looking for work independently. To do this, we recommend that you accept these tips into account.

freelance writing jobs - hitechsea.com

1. A good resume

Think that, in the online world, companies and freelancers do not know each other. Therefore, the first contact they will have with your CV is essential to keep it updated and offer the most relevant information.

Try to eliminate all those jobs that have nothing to do with the position you want to apply.

Nobody cares if you were a babysitter; what they want to know is to write, so clean up your resume to make it look serious and professional.

2. The cover letter is essential

Honestly, few companies look at your CVs with a magnifying glass. They take a “diagonal” look to see a bit about what education you have, your age, experience, and so on.

What DOES BE READ is the cover letter because it is how you have to present yourself to the job.

Therefore, make a good letter explaining who you are and why you think you are suitable for the job.

3. Links to your articles

It is also very favorable that, together with the letter, you include some links in which articles written by you appear.

In this way, they can see in the first person what your style is like, how you write, and how you express yourself.

In addition, having an online reputation will earn you points since companies will see that you are not entirely new to the sector.

4. Social networks

It will also help you earn “points” if you link to one of your social networks, where you give a more professional image of yourself.

You can provide if you have a professional FB page or your own website. It will give them a hint to assess whether you would fit in with the company.

In addition, as I tell you in the next point, the Linkedin profile is also more suitable to promote it in your professional life than the personal ones.

5. Your profile on Linkedin

You must create your Linkedin profile if you want to start working in the digital environment.

This is the social network of professionals that will open many doors for you in this sector. That, in addition, is the best showcase that exists today.

Here you must indicate your resume, your experience and create your circles of professional contacts that can offer you exciting jobs.

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Looking for a job as a freelance writer: where to start?

Now that you know everything you need to prepare to earn money writing articles let’s get to the “heart” of the question: how do I find work as a copywriter?

In addition to the platforms that we have given you before, you can do an active job search. To do this, you have different ways that we describe them here:

1. Employment websites: You should know that several websites specialized in putting freelance professionals in contact with companies requiring their services. Here you can register, along with your CV and your cover letter, to be able to see vacancies that interest you the most. Some of the most effective websites to find this type of job are: Indeed, Monster, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr (they have a freelance section), or Linkedin.

2. Digital Marketing Agencies: Another way to find a good job writing articles is by contacting marketing agencies. These companies usually attend to the requests of other companies that need to have online visibility. Therefore, content creation is essential to stand out from the crowd. Many of them may already have an internal writing team. Still, others may work by outsourcing this service by hiring freelance writers. To find their contact email and introduce yourself as a possible editor.

3. Digital newspapers: You can also try digital media such as newspapers that may require the collaboration of journalists or freelance writers. Many online newspapers have a freelance work team since they do not usually have a fixed office. Therefore, you can contact them to offer your services and start working in such a medium.

4. Online Magazines: If you prefer to work in a magazine instead of a newspaper, you can also do it. It is also an excellent way to earn money by writing articles online. You just have to look for the human resources contact to send them your request.

5. Going for business: And, finally, another way to find this type of work is to go “door to door.” This is the least simple and a bit heavier option to do, but it can make you more money in the long run. You can offer to write posts on their blog, update their content, and so on. The good thing about here is that you will not have an intermediary. The relationship will be direct with the client.

So here our list for content writing jobs ends, but the second series for this part is coming out soon.

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