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Supercharge Your Creative Flow with These Free AI Tools For Graphic Designing

Greetings to all creatives out there! Time and convenience — these two elements are perpetually at the heart of every creative’s work process. As creators, our time is much more valuable than money — an idea I’m sure many of you subscribe to.

Whether we’re losing precious minutes searching for the perfect color palette or spending hours fine-tuning graphic designs, the investments we make in these micro-tasks matter. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI) — a game-changer in the fields of graphic design and animation.

Before you start imagining a fully automated creative industry, let me clarify — AI is unlikely to replace graphic designers. Rather, AI acts as a design partner, helping streamline your work and save time. Today, I’ll share with you a few amazing AI tools for graphic designing I’ve personally used that can immensely assist a graphic designer.

An Array of AI Tools to Elevate Your Designs

Want to clarify that the tools and websites I’ll be mentioning aren’t sponsored. They’re personal favorites that I use regularly. So, let’s dive in!

1. Picwish: Hassle-Free Background Removal homepage

Cleaning up image backgrounds is often a tedious process — unless you’re using Picwish (a top AI Tool for graphic designers). While there are myriad background removal websites, allow me to offer a vote of confidence for Pickwish. User-friendly and free, Pickwish removes image backgrounds in seconds. Even tiny details, like strands of hair, are accurately isolated.

Upload the image, wait a few seconds, and voila — your image is cut out with precision. If you feel a need for slight adjustments, use the handy Erase tool to make the image perfect. Once satisfied, simply download your image and compare the end-results with the original.

Note: While Pickwish is great for thumbnails and matte paintings, if your project requires high detailed background removal, manual adjustments might still be necessary.


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2. COLOURlovers: A Treasure Trove of Color Combinations homepage

COLOURlovers provides excellent color palettes and combinations. Complementary colors, dual tone colors, favorite colors — there’s a multitude of various options here. You can even save your favorites for future projects.

There’s also the color palette section, providing an array of popular color combinations that amplify your design.

3. Fontjoy: An Exceptional Font Generator

FontJoy homepage

Typography can often be a challenge. That’s why Fontjoy — a practical font generator —is an excellent tool. Whether you’re creating typography-based designs or Instagram captions, this cool AI tool proves its usefulness.

The tool provides you with distinct font combinations for headings, subtitles, and descriptions. You can choose high contrast or similar fonts, depending on your design.

These options allow you to perfect your typography skills and create eye-catching, unique designs.

4. ColorMind: A Dazzling Color Palette Generator

ColorMind homepage

Are you on the hunt for contemporary, eye-catching color palettes? Look no further than ColorMind — my personal favorite. The generated color combinations look trendy and fresh, and you can even create color palettes from images.

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5. Let’s Enhance: The Magnifier of Images

Let' homepage

Finally, we have Let’s Enhance, an effective tool for enlarging images while preserving their details. You might use a lower resolution image in your design that requires a size upgrade. Doing so often leads to a loss of detail. However, Let’s Enhance keeps those details intact while digitally enhancing the image.

Simply upload your image, process it, download it, and compare with the original. Given the fantastic results, Let’s Enhance is undoubtedly one of my top recommendations.

Wrapping Up

Remember, mastering new tools takes practice. So, try using these AI tools for your graphic designing projects and explore their full potential.

I hope this list proves helpful and inspires you to create extraordinary designs. If you found this post useful, a ‘share’ would be much appreciated. If you’d like to stay updated with my latest creative tips, stay connected with

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