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Elementor Plugin For WordPress: Do You Know Its Disadvantages?

If you thought that it is very difficult to create and design websites, get ready to know the Elementor plugin in WordPress. Setting up a web project has never been easier!

Almost 40% of all sites are made with WordPress, which tells you about the reliability of this platform. More and more people, companies, and agencies are using this tool, so mastering a plugin like the Elementor plugin for WordPress can come in handy for your business.

Elementor in WordPress - hitechsea.com

And if you don’t know anything about this plugin, join us! In this post, you will discover what Elementor is in WordPress, the characteristics of this tool, and its pros and cons. In addition, you will know how Elementor works, and we close with a flourish: a bonus track with online courses on WordPress.

You can not lose this!

What is Elementor plugin for WordPress?

If you are an expert in creating websites or are interested in delving further into this procedure, then you have probably heard of WordPress.

But talking about one of the most popular CMS in the world is not what we came to do today. This blog post is exclusively dedicated to one of the most exciting components of this platform: the Elementor plugin.

So what is the Elementor plugin for WordPress? Basically, it is a page builder plugin. The curious (and valuable) thing about this tool is that it replaces the basic CMS editor with a new editor, which has more drag-and-drop features, which will help you create web portals in a more practical and faster way.

With this information, we are merely stroking the tip of the iceberg regarding the Elementor plugin for WordPress. Let’s see more about its usefulness.

With this WordPress plugin, we have the possibility to:

• Help inexperienced users to develop web pages.

• Avoid resorting to designers and developers, thanks to its “drag and drop blocks or widgets” premise.

• Work live without the incessant (annoying) continuous saves.

In WordPress, Elementor is one more plugin. Appreciated and valued is true, but it is not one of a kind. There are other visual builders much better known and with more experience in the CMS.

Let’s see more about the features of this WordPress plugin.

Elementor Open

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Elementor main features

You already know what Elementor is in WordPress and what this plugin can be helpful in. If you think that’s enough, prepare to be amazed!

Just by looking at its characteristics, we can understand that this tool is so appreciated in the world of web development. Let’s know those features that will make you delirious (extremely happy) with joy when creating your site:

Real-time results: This WordPress plugin offers instant results, so you don’t need to wait all the time in the world. They appear instantly.

Compatibility with multiple templates: unlike other visual builders, with WordPress Elementor, you don’t need to purchase and install their templates (unlike… others).

Open Source: open source is eaten with your eyes. And WordPress Elementor is the first visual builder of this style to modify its source code and adjust it to your requirements.

Template creation: the WordPress plugin not only supports multiple templates, but you also have the opportunity to create them! You even have the chance to save them and use them again whenever you want.

Export and Import of templates: In conjunction with the previous point, you can use the templates of various projects without difficulty importing and exporting.

Everything from the browser: this feature is perfect for those who do not know programming or style sheets. All work works from the browser.

If you thought you knew everything about WordPress and had not heard of Elementor or had underestimated it, this article would open your eyes to reality. And if you are discovering the Elementor plugin for WordPress today, you may wonder where it was all your life! A great complement to this CMS.

But not everything can be rosy. In this life, there are black and white, days and nights, good and evil… For that reason, we present the pros and cons of the Elementor plugin for WordPress.

Advantages and disadvantages of Elementor plugin for WordPress

As you can see, just talking about Elementor’s features in WordPress has already demonstrated its virtues. However, if it is still not clear to you how this tool can serve you, we will see the pros of this plugin.

1. Pros of Elementor plugin for WordPress

This section is dedicated to exploring the virtues of this tool. So, if you see that we go too far in praising this WordPress plugin, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

✔️ We start with the most important thing: using the Elementor plugin for WordPress is free (yes, it has a premium version).

✔️ Wide variety of features. It is one of the best graphic creators and editors for WordPress sites.

✔️It has a very friendly and intuitive interface, as well as some easy-to-use design options.

✔️Perfect for newbies and those who don’t have much experience using WordPress.

✔️It has a search engine for widgets and functions, in case you can’t get it in the main view.

But since not all glitters are gold, we must also highlight the cons and disadvantages of using the Elementor plugin for WordPress.

2. Cons of Elementor plugin for WordPress

Total perfection does not exist. And if you get it, be suspicious. Therefore, we bring you those disadvantages of Elementor that have given WordPress users the most headaches.

Discover the drawbacks of the Elementor plugin for WordPress!

Although it has its own templates to choose from, it does not have as much variety as other web builders.

Although we emphasize how friendly its interface is, it may look somewhat outdated (like an old text editor). However, if you are one of those who care more about functionality than appearance, then you don’t have to worry.

In case you have a Premium account, you can access the official support. The problem is that it usually takes time to respond, especially annoying if you have a question to solve at the last minute.

There are complaints from users who failed to use third-party plugins.

If you are interested in managing several websites and that your page has professional elements, then you should purchase the Premium version for optimal results.

Now, you know everything you need to know about the Elementor plugin for WordPress, we come to the climax of this article: how does this plugin work?

How does Elementor work?

How does Elementor work - hitechsea.com

There is a crucial point that you should know about the Elementor plugin for WordPress, which we did not mention before on purpose, to expand more on it: this plugin is what is known in the world of web development as a page builder.

What is a page builder? A visual layout maker or, the literal translation, a page builder. Let’s see some functions of this tool, to create web pages from scratch.

1. Responsive format

One of the first questions that we must consider to use the Elementor plugin for WordPress is the importance of the responsive format for creating web pages. And what is responsive? It is the adaptability of a page to different devices.

This means that the Elementor plugin for WordPress is capable of editing in different screen formats: mobile devices, tablets, PC… A beneficial skill, since this way you will avoid many problems of incompatibilities.

2. Add HTML code and edit CSS code

Through the Elementor plugin for WordPress, the most experienced users of this platform will have the possibility to edit the CSS code of each element. They will also have the ability to add HTML code.

If you think you have to pay for these Elementor features, don’t worry. They are available in the free version although, with the Pro version, you have many more features, such as:

  • Creation of forms.
  • Premium templates.
  • Slides.
  • WooCommerce integration.

3. Drag and drop

We told you before, and we repeat it: Elementor plugin for WordPress is designed with a drag and drop functionality.

If you want to add a slide at some point on the page, just select the slides icon in the items menu. Later, you must drag the element to the web editor where you want to place it.

Once the slide is in desired space, you can edit its characteristics in the menu on the right of your screen. Edit color, text, button shape… whatever you want, quickly and easily!

4. Add templates

Thanks to the free version of the Elementor plugin for WordPress, you will have the possibility to add templates created by other users. But this does not stop here.

As a user, you have the opportunity to modify these templates at will, without significant complication. This is possible thanks to its powerful editor.

These features of the tool demonstrate why it is a booming page builder. Unlike similar ones, their simplicity and intuitive interface make them the preferred option for many users.

We are near the end of this article, but this cannot be the end. We have a bonus track!


As you can see, learning to use the Elementor plugin for WordPress can come in handy if you are a beginner and need to create a website with your own hands. You don’t need to invest in developers and designers!

Its simple drag and drop system, together with its format for adding elements, such as codes or templates, makes it an excellent alternative to take into account when designing websites.

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