Covaxin vs Covidshield vs Sputnik V

Covaxin vs Covishield vs Sputnik V; Which Vaccine is the Best?

The biggest drive for Covid Vaccine Programme is starting from May 1 for above 18 years of age. Are you confused among the vaccines that are most effective but have fewer side effects? Do you know which vaccines are available in India? Do you know the vaccine’s effectiveness on new variants of the Covid-19 virus? Are you afraid of the vaccine’s results? So don’t worry, we have all frequently asked questions about vaccines in this article.


But, the first step is to register yourself and schedule a date to set an appointment for the covid vaccine. If you don’t know the proper process for registration, you can know it by clicking here. You will learn the whole detailed procedure for registration and vaccination center conditions along with essential FAQs.

After completing registration, you will have to know all about vaccines. I am damn sure that you have many questions and confusions in your mind about it. You will clear all your doubts till the end of this article. Keep reading!

Available Vaccines In India

Currently, there are two vaccines available in India; Covaxin and Covidshield. One more Russian vaccine Sputnik V is coming to India, and India will have a total of 3 vaccines from May 1. More vaccines that are on the way to get approved by the government of India are Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Zydus Cadila (ZyCoV-D), etc.

But, We have 3 vaccines at this time, so we will focus only on these vaccines; Covaxin, Covidshield, and Sputnik V. We will choose the best and most effective among three with fewer side effects from the next section. Keep Reading-

Covaxin vs Covidshield vs Sputnik V

Covaxin vs Covidshield vs Sputnik V

Covaxin –

This vaccine is provided by Bharat Biotec in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Virology and the Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR. It is in an inactivated form that means it is made from a deadly coronavirus. It recognizes a dead virus by immune cells to produce antibodies against the virus. The optimal temperature for this is 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Covaxin is 81.3% effective on a healthy body. It is also effective on the double mutant virus, an Indian variant virus, and triple mutant. Indian variant coronavirus is named B.1.617. The optimal time interval between two doses of the vaccine is 4 to 5 weeks. You can know more about it by clicking here.

The Covaxin’s price for central government is 150 rs, for state government its 400 rs, and for private hospitals its 1200 rupees.

Covidshield –

This vaccine is developed by the Oxford University in partnership with AstraZeneca. It is being manufactured by Serum Institute of India SII, the world’s largest producer by volume. It is a non-replicating viral-vector type vaccine. The vaccine is based on a weaker version of the common cold virus, the adenovirus, found in chimpanzees. This viral vector contains the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein – a protrusion on the outer surface of the virus that helps it bind to the human cell.

Its effectiveness is 90% on the first variant, 70 on the double mutant variant, and shows good efficacy on the Indian strain virus. The ideal time interval between two doses of the vaccine is 4 to 6 weeks. I have interesting data to share with you; the contribution of Covidshield is around 90% of the total vaccination given in India. You can know more about it by clicking here.

The Covidshield’s price for central government is 150 rs, for state government its 300 rs, and for private hospitals its 600 rupees.

Sputnik V –

The vaccine was created by the Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of Moscow. And it was funded by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

Sputnik V is based on the common cold-causing adenovirus. This artificial vaccine mimics the prickly protein found in the coronavirus, which first attacks our body. The body’s immune system gets activated as soon as this vaccine reaches the body; in this way, antibodies are produced within us. Since the virus inserted in the vaccine is not real, according to the report, there is no risk of any kind of infection from it.

It is the first registered Covid-19 vaccine and is approved by almost 60 countries. Its efficacy is about 91% which is comparably more than Indian versions of the vaccine. The price for this vaccine is not yet decided by the government. It demands 3 weeks gap between two doses. You can know more about it by clicking here.

Common Side Effects Of Covid-19 Vaccines

After taking the Corona vaccine, common side effects include fever, body pain, headache, chest pain, leg swelling or persistent abdominal pain, dry skin, and round spots at the injection site. Although both vaccines are safe and effective. More than 20 million doses have been sent worldwide. In which only a few cases of severe side effects have been reported.

Now coming to the topic, which is the best vaccine among Covaxin, Covidshield, and Sputnik V?

Best Vaccine Among Covaxin, Covidshield, and Sputnik V

After our comprehensive research, all three vaccines are good. Whatever you get, get it. Covaxin and Covishield have been in use since 16 January in India’s coronavirus vaccination campaign. Covaxin is being developed and manufactured entirely in India. CoviShield was developed jointly by Oxford University and AstraZeneca and is now forming the Serum Institute of India in Pune, as I mentioned above.

At the same time, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, which arrived in India on 1 May to join the war against Corona, has been created by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute in collaboration with the Russian Development and Investment Fund (RDIF). In India, 6 companies will produce it under the supervision of Dr. Reddy Laboratory of Hyderabad. The initial 1.25 crore doses are about to be imported.

These three vaccines have some inequalities as well as benefits, which separate them from each other. Covidshield is one of the most popular vaccines in the world, being used in most countries. The WHO has also given emergency approval for its use. At the same time, Covaxin is currently being used only in India but has emerged as the most effective and the best vaccine against mutant strains. Similarly, Sputnik V has been approved by more than 60 countries, including India.

Hope you have cleared your confusion about vaccines. It’s time to know some faqs related to the coronavirus vaccine.

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Important FAQs About Vaccine


Q. Do I have to take the first and second doses of the same vaccine?
A. Yes, you will have to take the same vaccine for both doses. This vaccine is not interchangeable. The Cowin app also helps to ensure that you get another dose of the same vaccine.

Q. How many days after taking the second dose of Covid vaccine do antibodies develop in the body? How do we know that antibodies have developed in our body? Do we have to do a test for this?
A. The required antibodies are made 2 weeks after the second dose. You can get it tested two weeks after the second dose; the antibodies test shows this.

Q. Can you get vaccinated if you have menstruation?
A. The government has made that women can take vaccine supplements at the time of menstruation.

Q. Can a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother take the vaccine?
A. The government has not advised to get pregnant or breastfeeding women to get vaccinated.

Q. Can heart patients take the vaccine?
A. Yes, heart patients can also take the Corona vaccine.

Q. Can I still have a corona after having a vaccine?
A. About 2 weeks after both doses of the Corona vaccine, your body develops immunity against the virus. Therefore, it is possible that if a person has just taken the vaccine, he or she may have a corona infection. Experts, however, point out that even if the person who took both doses and got infected with the virus, then his condition is not severe. The potential of this vaccine is not to be effective for a long time.

Q. Should you worry about the side effects of the vaccine?
A. Fever, fatigue, headache, muscle aches are common side effects after taking the vaccine. These are mild symptoms and last only a few days. So you do not need to be worried about the side effects. If severe symptoms are seen, contact the doctor.

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