How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10 And 11 (Change Text Size And Icons)

If everything looks too small or too large for the screen, you will need to change the screen resolution or resize the icons, text, and windows.


The number of pixels represents the screen resolution displayed horizontally and vertically, whether on a PC monitor or a TV set. When you connect a PC to an external monitor, there may be display issues related to an incorrectly programmed solution, with various effects such as small or large print and icons or a moving or annoying image.

These issues can be rectified by changing the screen resolution within Windows 10 and Windows 11 or by using a zoom-in or zooming-out setting.

In this article, we will see how you can change the resolution in Windows 10 and 11 to resize screen savers when the desktop, windows, and everything in between seems too small or too large.

Convert Screen Resolution Within Windows 10 And Windows 11

To get started, click the “Start” button in the taskbar (located at the bottom left of the desktop if it is not moving) or press the Windows key on your keyboard to browse for display settings. 

These can be found by opening the Settings app within Windows 10 or 11 and going to Program > Display.

At the bottom of the screen setting, you will find a screen resolution option with a drop-down menu that allows you to change the number of horizontal and vertical pixels. Changing the resolution in this menu will also change the ratio between length and width.

Among the choices you make, Windows always recommends using the one you deem appropriate, labeling it “recommended”. This recommended decision is the highest quality obtained from a used monitor.

Changes to this menu take effect immediately upon display. You can either confirm or return to the previous setting. If you don’t make a selection, Windows will revert to the previous setting.

Convert The Resolution To The Control Panel Of Nvidia, Intel, Or AMD

Depending on the graphics card installed inside the PC, it is possible to change the screen resolution in the video card control system. For example, on PCs with Nvidia graphics, you can open the NVIDIA Control Panel file and get options to change the screen resolution.

Use a standard screen scale

If the icons on the desktop and writing seem too small or too large, after setting the resolution recommended by Windows 10 and 11, you can use methods to change the normal size available. Settings> Application> Display. Here you can choose to extend the screen resolution to 125%, 150%, or 175%.

At the top of this screen, leave the option to adjust the size of the fully functional application automatically so you do not risk seeing black windows.

Rapid Switching Between Windows And Previous Systems

Generally, when working on a small screen, there is enough space to display only one Program at a time. Therefore, using a keyboard shortcut requires ALT + TAB to switch between windows quickly. You can make a quick window selection at the corners of the screen.

Make Good Use Of Space

Thanks to some external programs, it is possible to customize windows on the desktop better so that they are set aside and keep the programs open in view. For Windows, we have many tools for quick editing and moving windows and automated design.

Hide Menu Bars

When working on a small screen, you need as much space as possible to use all the space on a small screen, especially if you have to work with multiple applications. Under Windows, it is possible to hide the taskbar by pressing it with the right button going to the properties, and clicking the Hide option.

Duplicate Website Display Size

For any web browser such as Google Chrome, you can use Zoom to make the web page text bigger or smaller. A quick shortcut to changing text size in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge is to hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, then use the mouse wheel in or out to zoom in or out. If you are using a smaller screen, keeping open sites on a full screen may be a good idea.

Full-Screen Recording Processes

If you have to use your computer for typing, you can use a full-screen program, hiding all distractions, such as FocusWriter or Omniwriter, both available on Mac and Windows.

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