10 Best Website for Job Search in India

10 Best Website for Job Search in India (Pros Included)

Finding a job is not an easy task. It takes patience, courage, and perseverance. When looking for a job, you realize that there are a large number of job offer sites for fast job search. You feel lost and don’t know which one(s) to focus on. You would like to have the 10 best website for job search in India this year.

1. LinkedIn (The Best Website for Job Search in India)

linkedin website for job search in India

Founded: 2002

If you are looking for a job right now and want to increase your opportunities, open a profile on LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence. This platform is more than a job portal. It is a place where you can build a network of potential contacts, create an online presence and be visible to national and international recruiters.

The world’s leading brands are present on LinkedIn. It is a meeting point between professionals and companies in search of new talent, considered the only professional network among social networks where you can apply for different jobs.

What other aspects differentiate this network from job search pages? These are some attributes to keep in mind 👇:


  • It is a social network where you can interact with hundreds of colleagues and companies.
  • You can build a network of contacts and network.
  • Boost the visibility of your personal brand with content from your industry.
  • You can show how much you know about a subject and your strengths.
  • You have national and international job offers at your disposal.
  • In your profile, you can mention your achievements, previous experiences, testimonials and complementary training certificates (ideal to enhance your candidacy).
  • Although registering on LinkedIn is free, with the premium version, you can access exclusive tools for your job search.

2. Indeed.com

indeed website for job search in India

Founded: 2004

Recognized job site, Indeed is currently positioned as one of the giants of job search engines. Its particularity? It gives the candidate direct access to many quality job offers. The platform brings together thousands of offers that are published on a large number of specialized or corporate sites.

Indeed also allows you to upload your CV and apply directly via forms. The site also includes a search engine for company reviews. This is practical to help the candidate get an idea of the structure’s values and the atmosphere at work. Available in several languages, the platform allows you to search for jobs abroad.


  • Easy to search relevant jobs by keywords.
  • Upload & store your resume to quickly apply to jobs.
  • Many work type such as internships, freelance, part-time, and many more.

3. Naukri.com

naukri website for job search in India

Founded: 1997

Naukri.com is India’s leading website for job search in India that connects employers and job seekers across the country. It provides a wide range of options, such as hundreds of thousands of vacancies in various fields and industries and access to resume databases containing millions of potential candidates. Naukri’s job search platform has become increasingly popular among professionals both within India and abroad due to its efficiency in helping individuals find their desired career opportunities quickly and easily.


  • Easy registration process.
  • Millions of jobs & opportunities.
  • User-friendly interface & reliability.

4. Sarkari Result

sarkari result website for job search in India

Founded: 2011

SarkariResult.com is an excellent platform for job seekers to use when searching for government jobs in India. The website lists most government jobs available to apply for and also keeps track of the latest jobs on the first.

The website has been designed with the user in mind and can be easily navigated even by beginners without experience using online platforms for job searches. It also offers a variety of jobs from different ranges, including government, government contractual, and banking sectors, which allows people to find their desired position quickly and effectively. All this combined means that SarkariResult is one of the most comprehensive resources available for locating government employment opportunities in India today.


  • Best for government job seekers.
  • Keeps updated every time.
  • Easy navigation without any mess.

5. Glassdoor

glassdoor website for job search in India

Founded: 2008

Glassdoor.com is an online platform widely used by job seekers worldwide to search for jobs, read reviews of companies they are interested in working with and gain insights into salary information and interview tips. This makes it an excellent tool for those seeking employment, allowing them to make more informed decisions about where to apply or accept offers.


  • Check out the salary trend for a particular skill.
  • Access to millions of reviews on thousands of employers around the world.
  • Suggestions & advice are always available on interviews to be ahead of time.

6. Google Jobs

google careers website for job search in India

The standard site where you could do your research is the Google platform. All the information is there. You will have the desired result according to your orientation. You just have to follow the classic keyword entry scheme. The rest is done by prioritizing the data; if the information on the first page does not suit you, go to the next one. Anyway, you can go through Google to find other interesting sites. All the sites presented have their particularity. You can inquire with friends before making your choice. If you’re in too much of a rush, make your own mistakes.


  • Prominent place in Search results.
  • Many filters to easily navigate.

7. Hirect

hirect website for job search in India

Founded: 2018

Hirect is the best job search app that helps job seekers find their ideal jobs in India. It provides a wide range of unique features to make the process easier and more efficient for users. For instance, it offers a direct chat facility with the company’s recruiters and gives advice and specific alerts when new openings become available.

The platform also has advanced filters that allow people to narrow down their searches based on important criteria such as location, experience level, salary range, etc. Additionally, Hirect has a built-in resume builder that enables applicants to create impressive resumes quickly without having any prior knowledge or design skills – this feature alone can be a great advantage for those who don’t have time to create one from scratch.


  • Direct chat from recruiters.
  • Comprehensive search functionality.
  • Useful alerts and notifications for new openings.

8. Monster.com

Monster website for job search in India

Founded: 1999

Monster is a site that has a wide selection of job offers in the field of marketing. With an intuitive interface, candidates can easily find job presentations on video. With its “company profile” section, the platform offers applicants the possibility of discovering a company’s data.

Monster has become a must in job search in France and worldwide. This is thanks in particular to the advice and tips it offers candidates. Visible in the blog section, its objective is to facilitate their job search and internship. The site also offers a filter by type of contract, which is very useful during your job search.


  • Easily filter jobs by keywords.
  • Opening alerts and notifications.
  • Good for promoting freelance, contract, and part-time work.

9. Goodspace

ourgoodspace website for job search in India

Founded: 2019

Goodspace is an innovative platform for a job search in India that provides some great advantages to employers and job seekers alike. It allows employers to list their vacancies while also allowing applicants to apply directly through the platform. This makes Goodspace an attractive option for those looking for jobs and recruiters who can use these features to strengthen their candidate selection process.

Another major pro point of Goodspace is its robust search capabilities, allowing users to easily locate suitable positions based on factors like location, skill, or even designation. The powerful filters help narrow down results quickly, so you don’t have to waste time searching through too many options at once. Moreover, Goodspace’s intuitive design helps make navigating through pages easier than ever before.


  • Easy UI & navigation.
  • Filter job or candidate by location, skill, or designation.
  • Find full-time, part-time, and freelance as per requirement.

10. Freshersworld

Fresherworld website for job search in India

Founded: 2006

Freshersworld.com is a growing website for job search in India, offering a vast platform for job seekers to find employment opportunities across many domains. It provides users with access to an expansive database of verified companies, allowing them to explore global and local openings within various industries. The site also offers career guidance resources that help aspiring professionals gain better insight into their desired field of work and how best they can make it happen. As such, Freshersworld has become an ideal choice for those seeking reliable job search solutions in India due to its few key advantages:


  • Thousands of vacancies are at your fingertips.
  • Updates its candidate profile regularly with new resumes.
  • Last but not least, regular emails to keep candidates informed.


Overall, job seekers in India have an array of websites to choose from when searching for their next career opportunity. From aggregator platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri to dedicated job boards like SarkariResults or Glassdoor, there is no shortage of sites that can help you with a fast job search.

No matter what your needs may be when it comes to finding the right position for yourself, these top 10 website for a job search in India offers comprehensive resources and unique features that make them stand out in the industry. So don’t wait any longer – start exploring today!

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