5 Best Stock Market YouTube Channels in India

The growth of YouTube is unstoppable. Every day thousands of people upload their videos to this platform, and millions of people watch them. On YouTube, you can learn everything: mathematics, languages, cooking, car mechanics, tailoring, economics, and a long and endless etcetera. You can even learn about saving and investing in the stock market. Online training has also found its place in this tool.

If what you are interested in is saving and investment, on YouTube, you will find a lot of channels on this subject where you can learn tricks, methods, and experiences… We have prepared a small selection of 5 Best Stock Market YouTube Channels in IndiaLet’s get started!

  1. FinnovationZ

This channel is owned by Prasad Lender, who is in charge of explaining to people how they can invest in different shares through animated video tutorials, book summaries, case studies, etc.

Also, this, one of the best Stock Market YouTube Channels, explains how he himself is doing with his investments, how much return you receive with real case studies, and gives you some tips to take as little risk as possible.

This channel is perfect for beginners, and most of the videos are in Hindi. Therefore, it is a great channel for Hindi speakers. They also started a video-series tutorial called Stock Market Crash Course for their newbie viewers. This channel gained 19.3 lakh subscribers till now and continuously growing this number.

  1. Pranjal Kamra – Finology

Pranjal Kamra is a Value Investor and believes only in Value Investing.

If you are new to sharing market/learning Investments, we suggest this channel.

Most of the videos we have seen on YouTube are of Pranjal Kamra.

This channel has more than 2 million subscribers with a total of 184 videos, which is very high.

Pranjal Kamra is the CEO of Finology Ventures Private Limited Company which is a SEBI Registered Advisory Firm.‍ This authentication simply places this channel in a group of the best stock market YouTube channels.

  1. Value School

The objective of this channel is financial education in general and the dissemination of investment knowledge in particular.

Many people do not get the desired income because they use the wrong investment method.

Value School emerges as a remedy for all failed operations to teach its subscribers how to invest consciously and responsibly.

  1. Sunil Miglani

This is thanks to the quality of its shared content mixed with its irreverence and fantastic way of presenting the videos.

Sunil has uploaded more than 350 videos on his channel and has over 400K members. In fact, he did a lot of shows on TV and in the stock market, which brought him a lot of fame. He also has great knowledge of analyzing stock chart models.

  1. Asset Yogi

The Asset Yogi channel represents one of India’s largest investment and finance YouTube channels and websites.

He is the head of the videos presented on the channel, always bringing current topics to be discussed with viewers.

The site brings relevant discussions and articles for those who want to keep up to date.

It is worth following the tips given by Asset Yogi when you are looking for the best stock market YouTube channels.

Did you like the article? What other channel that talks about investments do you know? Share your comments with us!


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