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Best SEO Tools to Rank On Google 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

There is no effortless way for a website’s position on SERP in the world of Online Marketing and Web Positioning. Behind every website you can find on the first page of SERP, there is definitely a lot of work, analysis, precision methodology, and SEO tools.

Even horrible designed websites can rank because of strong links, text optimization, loading speed, domain authority, and the list goes long.

All this set of actions, which have allowed them to appear in those positions, are carried out, measured, and controlled by a series of software tools. Without them, our life as SEO would be much more complicated. Trust me!

In this guide, you will learn which are the best SEO tools of today, how they work, and little tricks to maximize their potential. Here we go!

Best SEO Tools to rank in Google

seo tools guide

When recommending tools, hosting, and other products for your website, you should be aware of one fact: Affiliation.

This consists, for each purchase made by the end-user in a said tool, the person who recommended it receives a commission. And of course, some software has a higher commission for their affiliate program than others.

This fact allows many content creators to make extra money to maintain the blog or channel. But, since there is a financial interest, there can always be a shadow of doubt about the honesty of said recommendation.

From Hitechsea, we do not want to sell you anything, simply sharing all the information so that you can find the best SEO tool on the market. Therefore, we do not have affiliate links for any of the following tools. Our opinion is 100% honest.

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01. Screaming Frog homepage

Behind this nice name and logo is one of the most powerful On-Page problem detection software [related to improving your website for Google and your users] on the market.

In this case, it is a desktop software that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. This implies that the results are not stored in our online account [as is the case with other SEO tools]. They have to be exported and stored for proper subsequent analysis.

It has a particular mission; Screaming Frog aims to simulate the behavior of one of Google’s spiders [Google Bot]. On the one hand, it can track our page as such [both in desktop and mobile versions]. On the other side, it gives us a detailed SEO diagnosis that will allow us to have a comprehensive image of the status of our website at all levels.

TRACKING AS GOOGLE BOT – It allows us to detect problems of all kinds:

  • Indexing – See which pages are not indexing on your website
  • Tracking – See if there is any blockage to areas of your website that prevents access to Google spiders
  • Canonization – See if there are problems with canonical tags
  • Internal linking errors with broken URLs – See if there are links that are pointing to URLs that no longer exist.

SEO DIAGNOSIS – Allows us to know the general SEO status:

  • Access lists of URLs that do not have descriptions, have duplicate titles, do not receive internal links or have very poor content.
  • Check the SEO Mobile tagging of our website. And it does a specific follow-up.
  • Obtain data such as the loading speed, browsing levels and status of the different tags of a URL [non-index, non-follow, canonical..etc]

02. Google Workspace (Formerly Google Tools Suite or G Suite)

google workspace homepage

I wanted to make a small section unifying the entire set of tools that Google makes available to all webmasters and website owners.

They are often ignored because they have no cost to users. But the amount of information and data they can provide us to complete our web positioning strategy is impressive. They really cover very diverse areas of digital marketing, and all of them complement each other. Let’s see them!


– Which has the following functionalities:

  • Performance – See where your keyword ranks and how many impressions and clicks they have received, as well as their average CTR. It will allow you to optimize your keywords, detect breakdowns between the URLs of your website.
  • Coverage – See all the information about the crawling and indexing of your URL. It will notify you if the URL is in the sitemap, the date of the last crawl, and if the page is in index or non-index.
  • Mobile Usability – See if the URL is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Test Published Version – See what happens to the status and current code of the URL [regardless of whether it has been previously indexed or not].


– Keyword Research “Free”:

  • Number of searches for a keyword – See how much interest users have on a specific keyword.
  • Get new long tails for your KWs – See related keywords that are also searchable.
  • It requires starting an advertising campaign – The key is to pause it as soon as you start [from 1 cent of spending] to be able to use this tool for free.


– Measure the loading speed of your web page

  • It analyze in depth page speed, and suggest tips to optimize the loading speed of your online site


– A stranger who can help you with:

  • Determine market trends – See the popularity level of certain keywords and compare them with others. View your historical series to determine where you are currently. It is based on the number of searches carried out on Google and allows data to be segregated by country.


– Key tool to carry out the following functions:

  • Measure and analyze traffic – See all the statistics of the traffic that your website receives, location, time spent, bounce rate, and a host of other metrics
  • Calculate the conversion – See what is the conversion percentage of your ecommerce or online store.

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03. Hotjar homepage

The user experience [UX] is one of the most overlooked aspects by many SEO students. And I would like to ask you a question. Do you think you really understand how our customers behave on our website and how it can help us earn more money?

I hope your answer is yes. This “all in one” tool will take your website analytics to the next level. By doing different things, you will know what happens when someone browses your website. Where you click on the valuable content displayed on it.


– It allows us to enjoy the following options:

  • Heat Maps – See the areas where users click the most and mouse movements. You will know which visual elements contribute to clicking, and you can, for example, put advertising banners in those areas. Or Call-To-Action buttons.
  • Visitor recordings – See how the interaction with your website has been: where and how they move the mouse or the path of the different touches on their mobile screens,
  • Conversion funnel – Not too remarkable
  • Forms analysis – Not too remarkable
  • Opinion polls – Directly ask users why they do or do not carry out certain actions on your website. For example, you can ask why they left with a full shopping cart or why they left the form halfway.
  • Immediate feedback – Establish a button for your users to leave feedback on your website.

It really is a great option to improve your conversion rate. Especially for online stores, although it can be implemented in any type of niche that is monetized with Adsense advertising.

It has a free version that allows up to 2ooo page views per day. Super recommended that you try it and determine if it can help you or not in your 2021 web ranking strategy. The paid versions range from $ 29 / month to $ 89 / month for the most premium option.

04. Semrush homepage

Semrush is a German SEO software that was born with the aim of being able to spy on SEM shares [all paid ranking actions through advertising] of your competition. One of the best among SEO tools.

With its technology development, it has been expanding its number of functionalities to become one of the best “all-in-one” tools for online search engine positioning. The list of tools and options that it allows us to carry out is really extensive, so, below, we will highlight the ones that I consider most important.

As always, we recommend requesting a 14-day trial before making a purchase decision. It will not disappoint you.


– With this SEO tool, you will be able to:

  • Analytical reports – See all the information about advertising strategies in Display, organic and paid search, and link building of the web pages of your competition.
  • Keyword Research – View search volume CPC and get related words from the keywords you need. In addition, you can filter them by country and thus determine which market one or another keyword will provide the best ranking.
  • Rank tracking in the SERPs – See how your positioned keywords evolve and see how they react to the SEO changes you are carrying out.
  • Site Audit – See at a glance the general status of your page. If there are broken links or you have poorly optimized texts, for example.
  • Sistrix Visibility Index – See the impact your website has on your niche. How many kW you have positioned concerning your sector.

Your pricing plan starts from $ 99 / month, can reach up to $ 399 / month depending on how many projects, reports, or data historical need. Some of its direct rivals with whom it competes on price and functionality would be Ahrefs, Seoprofiler, and Serpstats . All of them with a fairly similar profile.

05. DinoRank homepage

Despite having less than two years of history, I wanted to include this tool thinking especially of the most novice people.

It is normal to start in this online world without too much capital and uncertainty without the intention of paying for expensive SEO tools that you do not know if you will profit from in the future.

To fight against this, the creators of Dinorank have designed a simple, functional, and very inexpensive tool, ideal for all those who are just starting out.


– Enough to grow your online business:

  • Tracking positions – See how keywords are progressing in your projects and those of your competition. You can also filter these searches for mobile devices or desktop and by country.
  • SEO Audit – See with extreme simplicity the SEO errors of your website. Index and non-index, follow and non-follow, or 404 errors.
  • Semantic prominence – See how optimized your texts are concerning the top 10 of Google in your same niche. You will have the best keywords for each main keyword.
  • Internal Pagerank – See how page authority is distributed across your domain. This is vital to the interlinking strategy.
  • Internal linking – See what the link structure of each page is like. That is, to which pages each one is linked. Very useful for a correct distribution of the link juice. In addition, you will see the strategy of the competition.
  • Competency – See if you have URLs within your own domain that are fighting for the same keyword.
  • Keyword research – See what new keywords you can find. Both short and long tail.
  • Visibility Graph – See the estimated traffic and trends of your competitors. Analyze the estimated traffic and the keywords that your competition positions
  • Backlink management – See how the backlinks that your website receives evolve. Its origin and the label.

Its semantic prominence tool is one of the best features it integrates. Difficult to find in other SEO software is the semantic prominence index. It returns the entire title structure of the Google Top10 and a comparative graph with the words most used by the sector to your URL with one click.

It has an absolutely cheap pricing plan. The most basic version is available from € 19 per month. The most premium version rises to € 54 / month, well below other SEO tools.

06. GTMetrix homepage

Despite not being a typical SEO tool, this web portal offers valuable information to help you climb some steps in the Google ranking.

GTmetrix is aimed at detecting all those problems that can make your page load slower. Directly and intuitively.


  • Analysis of your website’s resource load – See the number of DNS queries, different aspects of CSS, JavaScript code, and cookies. As well as the loading time of images, videos, and other graphic animations.
  • Load comparisons between two websites – See the load differences between your website and your rivals. Everything counts in the fight for the Google Top1!

For my taste, it is more complete than Google Page Speed Insights. Next to each factor, you will find an optimization percentage and a drop-down to find information to solve said problem.

In addition, it is completely free and without the need to download anything to your computer. Really a real pass 100% deserved in this list.

07. Openlinkprofiler homepage

This is one of the SEO tools that should not be missing in anyone who is starting in web ranking and looking for cheap alternatives to Ahrefs and Semrush.

Focusing on the analysis of backlinks [the links you receive from external sites to your page] allows you to improve and optimize your Linkbuilding strategy to the maximum.


  • Get all the data of the backlinks that point to a URL – See what and how many pages link to your competition. You will be able to detect patterns that help you get new links or eliminate some that you are not interested in receiving.

It is also totally free and the best among the SEO tools. And a very good option to carry out this task.

08. Microsoft Excel

excel logo

It’s shocking? Most articles that analyze the best SEO tools can not include this one.

As you prefer, Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets is part of the day-to-day of all SEOs I know. It allows you to view in a structured way most of the data exported from other tools.


– Infinite for SEO:

  • Upload CSV files – See all the data tables related to keywords and their search volumes, URLs and their indexing status, internal link structure and a very long etcetera.
  • Create diagrams and visual elements with relevant data from the web – See the thousands of elements of a table in a graphical way.

A small example of using excel for SEO: Here, you can see how to group all the long tails you would like to include in a new post, entry, or category. As you write each one, check the box with another color, and this way, you will ensure that your texts include each of the keywords.

Its main rival in this segment is Google Data Studio. Much more professional, although more complex to handle.

09. TrueRanker homepage

A very young tool that bursts into the rank trackers market with great force.

If you are looking to monitor your keywords’ positions and do not want to invest in complete SEO suites, this may be your tool. For the price, for simplicity of use, and for its continuous evolution, TrueRanker deserves to be on this list.

If you register for the tool, you have a 15-day trial to test all its features. There is also a Free plan with which you can control the positions of up to 5 keywords.


– Tool in continuous development:

  • Position tracking: it is the star functionality. Have full control and a lot of data on all the keywords of your projects. The strong point is the ease with which the data is understood.
  • Various types of projects: you can monitor domains, subdomains, subdirectories, URLs, chrome extensions, etc.
  • Keyword suggestion: Discover keywords you’re already ranking for and add them to position tracking.
  • Visibility index: Weekly control the global evolution of your project.
  • Content SEO analysis: Obtain data on the main on-page SEO metrics of your website.
  • Share project: Share the project with your client to have live data whenever they want.
  • Errors: TrueRanker alerts you to possible errors within your project so that you can treat them as you see fit.

Another strong point of the tool is technical support. If you need something not implemented, they study it and put it in their roadmap to add it to the tool.

They have several pricing plans. The cheapest version costs $9,99 per month and the most expensive $49,99 per month. We will closely follow the evolution of this tool.

Complement your SEO tools with plugins

I wanted to reduce to only 9 this list of the most useful SEO tools of 2021. I really do not like to redundant and fill in text for the simple fact of making a post longer. That is not my style.

They will provide you with all the necessary functions to master the art of web ranking. Some with a higher cost than others, but if you look closely, you can choose one of the free functions and build your free comprehensive SEO tool.

The rest of the actions and that you may miss can be carried out through WordPress plugins. Here I left you the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Take a look carefully; many times, it is possible to optimize the content before publishing it. Or install the HTTPS certificate of your web page before starting to fill it.

yoast seo logo

I leave this post here with the utmost honesty and with the sole objective of having helped you choose which SEO tool you need. If you still have any questions about it, I’ll read you in the comments.

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