15 Free AI Caption Generator Tools for Social Media Apps

Are you tired of spending time to prepare captions for your social media posts? 

“Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence!” There are numerous free AI caption generator tools available to make your job simple. By specifying your post’s topic, you can generate innovative captions to stand out from the crowd.

These caption generator tools help you in 3 different ways:

  1. Helps you to save time.
  2. Helps you to boost your reach.
  3. Helps you to Increase your sales.

So let’s delve into this blog to explore some free caption generator tools which stay as your creative friend!

1) Hootsuite’s Owlywriter AI Caption Generator

  • Provided by – Hootsuite (No.1 social media management website)
  • OwlyWriter AI generates captions in different tones.
  • Offers 30-day free trial for 1 user and 10 social accounts.


  • You can choose different copywriting formulas based on your caption’s end goal.
  • Generate captions for your old post if the post link is provided.
  • Generate captions for upcoming holidays if the name of the holiday is provided by the user.

2) Mention’s Instagram & LinkedIn Caption Generator

  • Provided by – Mention.
  • Uses GPT-3 machine learning algorithm.
  • Offers captions for Facebook, Threads, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter.


  • Offers Hashtag suggestions based on your post topic and caption.
  • Offers a 14-day free trial.
  • Easy to use AI caption generator.

3)’s Instagram Caption Generator

  • Provided by – Copy.AI
  • Offers captions specific to different platforms.
  • Uses GPT-3.5 as its AI.


  • Offers prompt customisation to support your unique content needs.
  • Suggest different ideas for your existing captions so that you can choose your desired choice.
  • Offers 5 different pricing options, which include a free subscription.

4) Socialbee’s AI Post Generator

  • Provided by – Socialbee.
  • Offers 30+ prompt templates.
  • Offers 20+ content voice tones.


  • Provides the option for repurposing your content.
  • Offers 14-day free trial with 3 different pricing options.
  • Generates relevant images for your social media posts making it a unique AI caption generator.

5) Storylab AI Caption Generator

  • Provided by – Storylab.
  • Uses GPT-3 powered AI.
  • Built by marketers with 30+ years of experience.


  • Offers 30 different AI modes such as Storytelling, Persuasive, etc.
  • Offers 5 caption runs with its free subscription.
  • Supports 17+ languages at the global level.

6) Pablo Image Generator

  • Offers AI-powered Image generation for social media posts.
  • Provides multiple image templates.
  • Provided by – Buffer.


  • Offers complete free subscription with 3 different pricing plans.
  • Helps you create Instagram stories with different templates.
  • Enables you to create custom video covers.
  • Creates GIF’s for social media posts.

7) Tailwind’s Smart Bio & Captions

  • Provided by – Tailwind.
  • Integrated with Tailwind’s Scheduler to automate your posts.
  • Offers Instagram bio-link customisation & caption generation.


  • Offers custom landing pages to promote your products.
  • Provides smart bio-analytics to track user engagement.
  • Provides free subscription with 3 different paid plans.

8) Sprout Social Smart Posts

  • Provided by – Sprout Social.
  • Offers complete social media management services.
  • Helps businesses to manage their social media presence.


  • Offers social media listening tools to track customer sentiment, social media strategies, and brand trends.
  • Its smart inbox feature allows users to manage their social media messages together in one place.
  • Provides a social intelligence tool to track the insights of social media performance making it more than AI caption generator.
  • Offers 30-day free trial with 4 different paid plans starting from $249/month.

9) Buzzsumo’s Title Generator

Not exactly an AI caption generator but provides compelling phrases so that you can use them as a caption.

  • Provided by – Buzzsumo.
  • Generates unique titles for blog posts and articles.
  • Offers competitor analysis tool to identify the well-performing content.


  • Imparts title testing feature to test different titles to pick the well-performing title.
  • Helps you to collaborate with people for title generation and gets you feedback to improve your titles.
  • Pricing plans start from $199/month with a 30-day free trial.

10) Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Same as Buzzsumo’s title generator but with a report into how your phrase is showing emotion.

  • Provided by – Coschedule.
  • Helps you write better headlines and titles for your content.
  • Measuring factors include word balance, word count, skimmability, and grade level.


  • Provides SEO analysis to rank your headline in the search engine.
  • Offers multiple headline styles such as list headlines, how-to headlines, and question headlines.
  • Extends the feature of headline recommendation based on the topic.
  • 10 free headlines are accessible per month with its free subscription plan.

11) Portent’s Content Idea Generator

  • Provided by – Portent.
  • Generates content ideas for blogs, websites, and social media posts.
  • Uses the GPT-3 AI version.


  • Extends content scoring feature to rank your content idea based on its potential for virality.
  • Offers a content library with 10,000+ content ideas making it a vast AI caption generator tool.
  • Enables you to export your content ideas in different formats, such as PDF, CSV, and Google Docs.
  • Offers 10 free content ideas per day with its free subscription plan.

12) Flick AI Caption Generator

  • Provided by – Flick.
  • Generates captions for multiple social platforms.
  • Adapts and generates captions for images, posts, and videos.


  • Scans the images and suggests relevant captions based on the elements present in the picture.
  • Make sure that the caption aligns with your brand identity.
  • Offers a 7-day free trial with 3 different subscription plans.

13) Socialbu’s Free Caption Planner

  • Provided by – Socialbu.
  • Uses the GPT-3 AI version.
  • Generates prompts, captions, quote Images, and blog images.


  • Supports 100+ global languages.
  • Suggest impactful call-to-actions to engage your audience.
  • Offers complete free subscription with 3 different paid plans.

14) Jasper AI’s Instagram Caption Generator

  • Provided by – Jasper.
  • Uses PAS framework to generate emotive captions.
  • Inherits the AIDA framework to set the right length for your captions.


  • Integrates with Instagram to directly share the captions.
  • Incorporates matching emojis to your captions using AI.
  • Offers complete free subscription with 2 different paid plans.

15) Wordtune Editor

  • Provided by – Wordtune.
  • It’s an AI-powered writing assistant.
  • Uses NLP techniques to grasp the essence of writing.


  • Uses AI-powered rephrasing to suggest a formal and casual tone of phrases.
  • Integrates with MS Word, Grammarly, and Google Docs.
  • Provides options for shortening and expanding your phrase.
  • Offers 10 rewrites/day with its free plan and 3 different paid plans.


I hope this blog provides you with the best and most free AI caption generator tools for Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

Some of the tools provide lifetime free plans with minimal features. And some offer varying free trial options. 

Choose the brand and pricing plan that aligns with your business and team needs to ensure budget efficiency.

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