About Us

Did you know that starting hitechsea.com was an impulsive decision?

But with time, Sahil and Aniket found themselves interested in posting blogs.

Founded in 2020 in lockdown, the website had a very clear goal: to share the latest tech news because HiTechSea’s literal meaning is “a sea of hi-fi tech news.”

Then the lockdown period ended, and we both lost our attention from the website. We were so busy in our hectic day-to-day lives that we had a common excuse: “We don’t get time to follow our passion.”

But the repayment of domain names and hosting made us realise that we have a website (our passion, our responsibility). We started to shift our attention back to this site again. Intending to revive Hitechsea.com, we continued our efforts to search for topics, do keyword research, create content, and much more. You know?

On this website, we promise you will find blogs regarding:

  • AI tools & websites,
  • Trending tech news,
  • How to guide and
  • Top 10 list blogs.

At Hitechsea, our goal is nothing but to inform you about hot topics happening around the world in the tech industry. Keep reading, keep sharing, and keep enjoying.

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If you want to contact us for any query, whether it be a guest posting query, a collaboration query, or you have any questions, click here.

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