+967 Country Code scam messages and how block it

+967 Country Code: Is it a Danger? How do I Block it?

You are using WhatsApp. Suddenly, you receive a message from a stranger. Sometimes, it happens, but this time, it is a strange number that starts with +967. What country is it from? Can we trust it?

International communications through unrecognised numbers can be a means for fraudulent practices and manipulations, seeking to obtain private and financial information from people.

In this context, if you ask about the +967 country code, it is Yemen. It should be a cause for caution. In recent months, there has been an increase in complaints from users who have been victims of fraud or extortion after answering calls from unknown numbers with this prefix.

What risks do we face when answering calls from numbers not registered in our contacts? And especially if you receive calls and messages from the +967 country code’s number.

The Objective may be to Keep a Recording of Our Voice

Cybersecurity authorities have previously warned that even a simple statement during a call, such as saying ‘yes’, could lead to a chain of fraud committed in our name. Fraudsters could keep and use recordings of our voices, so it’s important to be careful.

When you receive a call from a number with the +967 country code, it is recommended that you hang up immediately and block the number. We will now explain how to do this.

Prefix +967: Origin and How to Block It

Authorities have been paying attention to Yemen with the prefix +967 country code for several years now. The Civil Guard has repeatedly warned people to be cautious of this prefix.

This country code has been associated with numerous reports of persistent calls from unknown numbers that turned out to be fraud and extortion attempts.

Methods to Block These Numbers

Although ignoring calls may be a temporary solution, the best strategy is to block these numbers. There are several ways to do this, the simplest being to directly block the number that contacted you. Most phones offer this option with a simple tap.

However, blocking only one number leaves the door open for scammers to contact us from different numbers, requiring us to block each one individually.

If you prefer to avoid this repetitive process, you can use applications specialised in call management and blocking that are capable of identifying and filtering suspicious communications. Lastly, one recommended application is Truecaller.

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