9 Digital Marketing Trends and Must-Dos for 2022

9 Digital Marketing Trends and Must-Dos for 2023

At the end of an unpredictable 2021, full of changes and unexpected turns, following tradition, we reserve the first post of the year to list some of the trends that sound the most and will dominate digital marketing throughout 2023. Let’s start!

The start of the pandemic marked a before and after in digital environments. It turned everything that has to do with online and content marketing upside down.

Consumer behavior and needs fluctuate very intensely, and the agency teams have to anticipate, offer, and provide users with interesting content that attracts and satisfies their demands at all times.

Video, digital events, and Ads campaigns are at the top of digital marketing strategies. Along with these challenges, at Hitechsea, we have taken good note of the pending homework that we have for the new year that we want to share with you.

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9 digital marketing trends

  1. Delve deeper and learn more about the consumer’s intention

In the first place, it is necessary to know the user’s intention through their searches at all times. SEO work must have a more precise objective, and in addition to focusing on those essential keywords and their performance, it must connect more significantly with the audience to offer quality content that responds to their needs.

Among the recommendations:

  • Real-time searches must be taken into account.
  • Analyze the actions of each user’s journey to the goal, and see the opportunities at each stop.
  • Analyze the competition.
  1. Convince Google that our content is the best

One of the most challenging goals in digital marketing strategies is to convince the search engine that our content is the most valuable and relevant for those who search for us.

This is achieved by paying attention to Google’s guidelines and trying to comply with its parameters.

For this, it is convenient to carefully analyze the SERP where we want to be and considerably optimize the content to appear in the first search results.

Highlights, images, or videos are some resources to pay attention to.

  1. Increase mobile and social animated content

Video and animated content is increasingly impacting and exciting for the audience. The growth has been exponential through social networks, and mobile is the star supporter.

We must give thought to the way we show the content and how we will do it in 2023.

Social channels and interactive, short, and entertaining content will take the top positions when attracting our audience. Investing in new tools, talent, and creativity for our strategies will be essential.

It is also essential to get out of your comfort zone and analyze the formats and platforms that the audience follows.

We often get stuck in the same dynamic and in our own analytics, and we are unaware that there are new opportunities to exploit.

  1. Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is key for campaigns. They inform us of possible changes that may affect SEO, and we avoid interrupting the customer experience.

Setting up custom alerts and monitoring the competition will help us see new features, test what works, and weed out what doesn’t.

  1. It will increase the experience with virtual and augmented reality

Within the marketing trends for 2022, brands want more virtual and augmented reality to improve personalized consumer experiences.

Connecting the emotional part of the consumer during the purchase process will be essential.

  1. Bye-bye to third-party cookies in Google. Now what?

To compete in security and transparency with other browsers such as Safari and Firefox, Google already announced it some time ago.

One of the most important challenges is data protection on the internet. For this reason, Google will stop allowing the use of third-party cookies in 2022, and advertisers will have to get their act together to reach users, collecting, for example, first-party data, that is, first-hand information.

Let us remember that third-party cookies are generated by external providers to the web page where you are browsing, which are used, for example, in numerous social networks.

This will significantly affect the online advertising that is currently done.

Inevitably, the new year will focus on searching for new independent formulas to capture relevant information from the audience.

  1. Search and achieve the so-called zero positioning

What is this zero positioning? Basically, when we move around Google, we see more and more of them.

They are the featured snippets displayed at the top of search results and logically give an instant answer to the user’s questions that are not found in the Knowledge Graph.

  1. Sales on social networks or “social commerce,” the key to success

It began to take off a few years ago, and in 2022, the sale of products or services through social networks will continue unstoppably.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become authentic communication channels and potential sales platforms for fashion, beauty products, accessories, electronics, and decoration.

  1. Influencer marketing

Last but not least is influencer marketing. We have many influencers for the promotion of any product or service.

People usually think of something impossible because of the large sums of money they demand in each sponsorship, but having the most successful ones is not necessary.

There are also micro-influencers or characters with around 50,000 and 100,000 growing followers who can bring significant benefits due to their connection with a particular brand.

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