4 Best Platforms To Sell, And Buy NFTs (Short List but Everything Included)

Creating NFTs is almost as simple as uploading a photo to Facebook or Instagram. Anyone with a crypto wallet can create, sell, and buy an NFT on the various platforms available. You only need to create a user, upload the content that you want to convert to NFT and connect your crypto wallet to pay for the gas: the cost of uploading that file to the blockchain. Here are 5 of the best platforms to get started in the world of NFTs.

Create, sell and buy NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique assets used for the digital representation of a physical good or a digital asset on the blockchain. Their main feature is that they are finite and unique and have been designed to be digitally verifiable. These features make NFTs perfect for creating digital art, crypto-collectables, and digital games with the ability to handle money natively and securely.

All it takes to start creating an NFT is a crypto wallet to pay for the cost of gas. This cost will depend on the congestion of the network. In other words, the volume of transactions that are being made on the blockchain at that time. Currently, the price of gas on the Ethereum blockchain exceeds $100, but some platforms such as Mintable or Hic et Nunc prevent us from having to pay anything to create our NFTs.

When choosing a crypto wallet, we recommend having a software wallet like MetaMask. The MetaMask crypto wallet can be downloaded as a mobile app or as a Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension. Once configured, the wallet will automatically connect to the platform you want to use, and your NFT will be saved securely.


OpenSea is the NFT platform par excellence. It was created in 2018 and currently has more than 20 million NFTs. More than 2.29 million transactions were made in the last month, with a total value of $3.66 trillion. Today, it has almost 250,000 users, according to data from DappRadar.

One of the main attractions of OpenSea is its ease of use. Simply connect the wallet, upload the file you want to convert and give it a name. In addition, creating an NFT in OpenSea is totally free since it does not require any type of commission. Of course, the platform charges 2.5% of the sale price if you manage to sell your NFT.

Also, when putting the NFT on sale, you have to pay the gas fee to upload it to the blockchain. However, another feature of OpenSea is that you only have to pay this fee when publishing the first NFT in your collection. If you are thinking of raising several NFTs, you will only pay the gas fee of the first one.

When putting the NFT on sale, you can choose between putting a fixed price of direct sale or selling it by auction. You will have to decide on a minimum price, an auction expiration date, and a maximum price in the auction. In addition, you can configure different rewards so that if someone shares the NFT link and manages to sell it, they take a small percentage of the sale. Once the NFT is sold, you will receive the money directly to the crypto wallet with which you have connected.


According to data from DappRadar, Rarible had a total sales volume of more than $19 million in the last month, thanks to its nearly 10,000 users. After OpenSea, it is one of the best-known NFT marketplaces.

It has an interface very similar to that of OpenSea and also stands out for its easy operation. You connect your wallet, upload the file and put it up for sale. Like OpenSea, Rarible charges a 2.5% fee each time a sale is made. However, this platform also charges 2.5% to the buyer, so it charges a total of 5% in commissions for each sale.

In addition, unlike OpenSea, in Rarible, you must pay the gas price for each NFT you want to put on sale, and sellers have to contribute the gas price when the NFT is put up for auction when it is sold. This dramatically increases the price of creating an NFT if we consider that the gas fees currently on the Ethereum network exceed $100.

An advantage of Rarible over OpenSea is that it has its own token, the RARI. Which can create incentives to use Rarible since tokens are received every time an NFT is sold and bought within the platform. In fact, the price of the RARI has gone from a low of $1.30 at the year’s beginning to $20.10 today.


Mintable’s platform saw 806 transactions in the past month for a total value of more than $51,000. Although they are numbers far from the previous two platforms, Mintable has features that make it a perfect option to start experimenting with NFT.

The process of creating an NFT is simple. You just have to create a user, upload the file with a title and put it up for sale. The main advantage of Mintable over the previous two marketplaces is that you do not need to pay any gas fee to upload an NFT. When uploading an NFT, the platform gives us the option to create the NFT for free or upload it in a “normal” way by paying the gas fee. If we select the option of not paying the gas fee, the platform will keep 5% of the money we receive from the sale, while if we choose to pay the gas fee, the platform will keep 2.5%.

In addition, if we choose not to pay for gas, the NFT will not appear as created in other marketplaces until it is sold or transferred. That is, the NFT created appears on the Mintable platform and is registered and available to be purchased, but the NFT cannot be available in our crypto wallet.


In the last month, SuperRare had more than 3,500 transactions with a total value of more than $20 million. Unlike the previous 3 platforms, SuperRare is not open to everyone, as it is focused on the art world.

SupeRare is an exclusive platform for artists. Only single edition items that have been created by a single artist are sold. To publish on SuperRare, it is necessary to fill out a contact form in which the artist profile is granted and only include a few profiles per month.

When uploading the work, artists must demonstrate that it is original and that it has been created by them. For this, you must provide a short video presentation, between 3 and 5 previous works and a story behind the work you want to upload and the reason why it should be on the platform.

In addition, SuperRare has its own social network within the platform. Users can follow, like and talk to the creators of NFT similar to the famous social network Instagram.

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