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20 Digital Marketing Tools To Start Online Business (2024)

If you have decided to take the course of entrepreneurship, apart from the training you need to carry out your digital project, you will need to ally yourself with the correct digital marketing tools to achieve it.

Today we have a great advantage that technology makes our day-to-day much easier, and there are great digital tools that make the path much easier.

Digital marketing tools that become essential for any online business.

They will be your great allies and give you a cable to improve your organization and productivity and thus boost your project.

Let’s see 20 of the best digital marketing tools that we recommend to start your business.

digital marketing tools -

20 Digital Marketing Tools to Start an Online Business

With these tools, you will have everything you need to start a business in each of the areas: design, organization, email marketing, productivity, billing. ..

When you decide to undertake, whether to transform your traditional business into digital or start an online business from scratch, you will have to cover many areas of digital marketing.

These tools will be your best teammates!

1. Trello

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Trello is a powerful online tool that helps you organize and manage your time by covering different tasks efficiently.

It is important to keep track and know how to manage your project to draw up a good marketing strategy, be it a content marketing calendar or an email marketing sequence.

It allows you to create tasks, what in Trello are called cards and set a status of execution, comments or dates, among other things.

It is highly useful when your business has already experienced some growth, and you decide to delegate tasks to a team that supports you. Trello lets you share an up-to-date track of your to-dos.

The best of all is that it is free, although it has certainly paid upgrades with extra functions. When it’s just the beginning of your business, the paid functions are not necessary.

2. Asana

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Asana is the one we use in business to work as a team!

To create a good marketing strategy, you will need organization, especially if you have a team that works for hand in hand with you.

Asana allows you to implement a detailed roadmap specifying all the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

A project manager in the cloud can specify tasks, estimate them, and assign them to the corresponding people.

3. Google Analytics

A must-have tool from Google!

It will help you measure and analyze the visits to your website. You will be able to see where your traffic comes from if it is from social networks, searches; Or demographic data of your visitors: the place of origin, age, etc.

Let’s say that Google Analytics gives you a significant amount of data with which you can obtain reports and draw conclusions about how users behave on your website.

To use it, it is as easy as registering the website as a property in Google Analytics and inserting a small generated code in your website’s header.

4. Semrush

semrush digital marketing tool logo -

We are now reading one of the best marketing tools on the market that will allow you to analyze the SEO of your project.

Semrush is an analytical tool with which you can perfect SEO techniques to be in the first place on Google. Discover new keywords and check their potential or analyze the visibility of your website in search engines.

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5. Canva

canva digital marketing tool logo -

Hands down, one of the most powerful design marketing tools out there.

And the best? You don’t need to be a designer to use it. Canva boasts that it is available to everyone, and it is. With resources, templates, and structures already created, you only have to customize and change at will.

Posts for social networks, graphics for website, infographics, magazine covers, ebooks, and many more designs to obtain professional results.

Although some illustrations are paid, the free options are endless.

6. Toggl

toggl digital marketing tool logo -

Do you feel that your hours are running out and that you still haven’t done half the tasks you had planned for today?

When we start, we have to measure our time and see how much we dedicate to each task to be more efficient and productive.

Toggl is an application that will help you to count that time. A kind of counter that you activate and deactivate as you get to work on a task.

From Toggl, you can see how much time you spend on each task and thus distribute your time efficiently to boost productivity.

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7. Bitly

bitly digital marketing tool logo -

A digital marketing tool that cannot be missed from your drawer when you start an online business. It is very convenient for Social Media or Blogging.

With Bitly, you will initially achieve three things:

  • Shorten long links very easily and quickly, saving up to 90% of space.
  • Obtain link visibility statistics: how many clicks you have received, the medium from which it comes or the country of origin.
  • Customize part of the shortened URL with your branding or brand.

For example, let’s say you have an article or page with a URL:

With Bitly, you can shorten this link automatically:

Or customize it manually:

This is especially useful when sharing links on social media. To shorten the shared URL in messages and obtain statistics on which channel or medium it has had the greatest impact on.

8. GTmetrix

gtmetrix digital marketing tool logo -

Best and Free Digital Marketing Tool to Loading Speed of Your Site.

The loading speed improves the user experience and prevents someone from leaving your website, and improves the SEO positioning of your articles.

With this tool, you can analyze and test how fast or slow your website loads. When someone clicks until full visualization, it allows you to see every detail of the performance fully.

You will be able to identify those elements that take longer to execute and can optimize them. This will help you speed up your website, streamline the user experience, and decrease the bounce rate.

Best of all, it has a completely free version with which you can get a lot of information.

9. Google Drive

google drive logo -

In the digital transformation era in which we find ourselves, it is more common to work 100% remotely and store all our files in the cloud.

Little by little, we are changing portable hard drives to have homogeneous and synchronized storage in the same place, the cloud.

Google Drive is a digital marketing tool available to everyone that allows you exactly this: centralize your files and documents in one place to access online regardless of where you are.

10. MailChimp

mailchimp digital marketing tool logo -

Email marketing is one of the most powerful strategies to connect with your audience.

It will allow you direct communication with those who follow you or promote your services or products.

MailChimp is one of the most popular tools to send campaigns to your users because it has many functions available in its free version.

It is completely free up to 2,000 subscribers on your website and up to a maximum of 12,000 emails per month.

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11. Active Campaign

active campaign logo -

Another great email marketing tool that can help you boost your business.

It is a more robust tool that allows you to cover more functionalities such as segmentation of your subscribers or create more complex automation.

As your business grows, so will your subscriber list. You will need a tool that is up to the task to carry out different strategies.

And although it is paid, in our opinion the investment is more than reasonable if your project starts to take off.

12. Calendly

calendly logo -

A fantastic marketing tool handy for scheduling and organizing meetings with your clients or suppliers.

The advantage is that they can decide what day and time are best for them and schedule the meeting based on the availability you establish.

It is something very beneficial to avoid wastage of time and narrows your communication gap. It reserves the perfect time slot without even bothering you.

13. Zoom

zoom logo -

Zoom is a video call tool with multiple functionalities such as screen recording, sharing presentations, webinars, meetings, etc. Today it became essential for any digital business.

In the last year, Zoom has positioned itself as a leading video conferencing tool.

Keep in mind that its free version is limited to a maximum of 40 minutes meetings and webinars of up to 100 participants.

14. Google Meet

google meet logo -

A fast and simple interface platform allows you to carry out video calls and conferences up to a maximum of 100 people in its basic plan. We love it!

Among its advantages, its easy access stands out since it does not need installation. It is enough to share the URL of the meeting room so that another person can join directly.

Google Meet is a tool that has seen a great pull in the educational field.

It is used mainly to carry out virtual classes, largely due to the simplicity of its interface and its successful moderator and security functions for teachers.

15. Notion

notion logo -

It is a tool that we recommend you document any aspect of your digital business: processes, company policies, administration, communications, lists. ..

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It is also beneficial to unload your entrepreneurial mind and quickly write down anything that comes to mind easily and simply.

It is one of the favourite tools for many institutions, which the team uses to control and organize all the documentation and information related to the project.

16. Google Calendar

google calender logo -

Surely you are already familiar with Google Calendar, but very few know how to exploit its potential as a marketing tool.

And remember: the organization is critical to be productive and undertake without feeling that you do not reach everything.

This tool allows you to create user-friendly events, practically and visually, so that you can keep track of your days, weeks, months and even years.

You can create different calendars, for example, for several clients, or combine them with your one to know what slots you have available at all times.

We recommend using Google Calendar when planning your editorial calendar if you want to have a well-structured content strategy.

17. Quaderno

quaderno logo -

Quaderno is one of the best digital marketing tools to control and manage the invoicing of freelancers, medium and small companies. It is a very intuitive tool. Headaches are gone for typical receipt and invoice “paperwork”.

Quaderno allows you to control and manage taxes, create budgets, issue invoices, all under the same platform, intuitive and straightforward at the same time.

In addition, it allows you to integrate the payment gateways if you have one enabled, such as Amazon Pay or Paypal.

18. WordPress

wordpress logo -

We already know what you are thinking!

Is WordPress really a marketing tool?

In its beginnings, WordPress appeared as an excellent platform for blogging (CMS) , but in recent years it has evolved into one of the essential content managers applicable to any business.

With the proper functionalities and plugins, you can achieve many marketing goals with WordPress:

  • Content Marketing through an editorial line.
  • Convert visitors into potential customers through a Lead Magnet.
  • Marketing in social networks.

And many more purposes that depend on the nature of your project, thanks to the infinity of existing plugins.

But be careful; it is crucial to detect which plugins are essential and not go crazy installing all the ones you think are nice. It will make your website go slow, affecting the user experience and also the SEO positioning.

For example, Yoast SEO is one of the ones you should have to improve your visibility on Google.

19. Hootsuite

hootsuite logo -

Are you one of those who makes a mess when it comes to organizing social networks?

So Hootsuite to the rescue!

Manage social networks, profiles, publications, content, etc. , is one of the tasks that can take more time and dedication. We don’t even say if you also have to monitor engagement, analyze profiles, respond to comments, create an audience.

This digital social media tool will help you with several things. First, to centralize and carry out all tasks in one place.

And second, to optimize your time and feel more efficient since some of these tasks are done automatically for you. Analysis reports, programming and publication of posts, automatic responses to private messages are some of them.

In short, it helps you minimize the time you spend on social networks but with the same or more benefits.

20. Hotmart

hotmart logo -

Right now, Hotmart is considered the largest platform when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You know, take a small (or large) commission for recommending and selling third-party products.

In Hotmart, you will find many products and services that you can sell to your customers and generate extra income.

Of course, it is essential that what you promote is in line with your business. Don’t sell a yoga class if your business is about sales funnels.

One of the significant advantages of Hotmart is that payments are managed on the same platform, and it makes it much easier to track sales and commissions generated.

Ah! and for now, the tool is free.


Here ends this article where we have told you the 20 best digital tools to start a business.

The number of tools available is increasing, and you will find countless of them on the internet. But we believe that these are necessary for any entrepreneur who is starting their project.

Let us know in the comments what other digital marketing tools do you suggest.

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